Is There Too Much Separation Between Science and Society?


Science is based on fact more than anything else, whereas society is more based on experience. We had discussed in class how “scientists are ‘walled off’ in their own world and don’t relate to the needs and concerns of the larger community.” This, though, can also be said about society with relating to science. Most of society relies on personal experience and only really deals with fact when it is presented to and broken down for them. So can the two collide? Or are we too far past the point of intermediacy?

Science is a topic that does not relate easily to topics outside of its own comfort zone, such as media, entertainment, and politics. Therefore, people of society that have a natural liking or gift for areas in art, music, politics or even theater, may not have a natural understanding for science like those in math, or research. This can make it difficult for the “outsiders of science” to understand what is basic to those who are in the loop, and vise versa. This is exactly why scientists must recognize the difference and work to discover new ways to better others interpretations. But this takes us back to fact, and scientists see fact in a much different way than society does, fact is much more clear and grounded for scientists. This is where the two struggle to find a common ground. Can we even understand one another enough to find this common ground? This, I believe, is very possible, but it takes a lot of patience and elaboration for one another, which I strongly believe our world lacks.


This picture is a great representation of how the two, even though they are programmed very differently, can work together to help support and actually have a better overall understanding of the issue or topic in question. Even though the two may not naturally collaborate together well or enjoy “hearing each other out,” there is not too much of a separation between the two to where we can’t pull ourselves out of it. But, I do believe there should be more understanding and working together between science and society. Separately, they are average, but put together they can be extraordinary.

By: Josie Silvey








4 thoughts on “Is There Too Much Separation Between Science and Society?

  1. Essentially, science and society are inevitably uniform. Without science, we would most likely be lost about how our society comes together as one. You made a very good point when you brought how, together, science and society could be extraordinary as one because the two play very big roles in one another to help us understand a lot of things.

    Great post.

    Traci Alig


  2. I agree with you that science and society can find a common ground. I also agree that it would be immensely difficult to do with our modern day society because we lack patience, but I think it is more than just patience. Our entire society needs to be better educated on basic scientific principles so that we can understand new and old scientific discoveries, even if we are studying art or music. This will also help us understand how to reach a common ground between science and society.

    Awesome post.

    David Lehn


  3. I also agree! Its really sad it seems to be something that started as kids, people thinking of those who enjoy science as nerds, and that mind set for some can even continue into adulthood. I think a lot of our generation is starting to change that though at least from what I can tell we’re beginning to have a greater respect for our planet and the science behind understanding it.

    Victoria Obermeyer


  4. The trouble in linking the scientific and the social seems to stem from the misconception that both sides are stubborn and are unwilling to accept the other. Throughout the past few decades each side has challenged the other in terms of fundamentals and ideals, not really considering that taking bits and pieces from each respective is the best way to solve the debate. Science likes hard facts, while the faith based believe in the 7dat theory etc. Finding the most common ground and then agreeing to disagree is the most advantageous move to make so that resources and time can be better spent~great topic

    Chandler B


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