Where will technology lead us next?


Technology is becoming more advanced every day, yet our culture and societal ways are staying stagnant. This is where I believe glaring issues like “80% of Americans can’t read the science section of the New York Times” are manifesting. How have we let the psychology of people’s minds be so molded that we allow them to deny scientific evidence because it doesn’t go with their beliefs and assumptions. This kind of attitude is leading us down a path that we don’t want to go down and has already caused numerous problems that are growing every day. The fact that we’re allowing corporations to continue their destructive behaviors across the globe for short-term fulfillment is absolutely absurd. It goes to show that our governments and officials are not taking technology into real consideration because children are still being groomed in education the same way they were half a century ago. You can argue that education has “grown” since then, but it’s still structured the same and still has the same principles of what needs to be taught.

Education is one of many examples, but I’m pointing out that we’re seeing an increase in one way thinking and disregarding of science because we don’t like change, so this “nature of life” is being completely ignored to the extent that we’ll fight for the old system that has caused detrimental patterns in our ways of taking action.

As an individual it’s hard to take action and change old/existing habits because as a human we like to feel in control and it’s comforting knowing what we’ve known for years and years. But unfortunately change is the way of life (not that it’s a bad thing whatsoever very beneficial actually, but in the spur of the moment we like to think it is) and when we go against change all flow stops and problems start to occur. Science has proven that all atoms that make up our entire body completely change over a two-year span, we’re not even the same person we were two years ago physically or mentally even though we like to think we are.

I truly believe all change starts with the individual and if we start to take little actions here and there to change our old habits and thinking patterns we’ll be able to use technology to its fullest rather than letting it disconnect us more and allowing it to support our existing bias. I can say from personal experience I’ve become a more loving, compassionate, and understanding person than ever before in the past year through practice of changing my behaviors that I know don’t serve my best interest. I hope more will join me and see that when you go with the change life becomes a much more fulfilling and fun-filled adventure rather than an anticipation of letdowns.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” -Albert Einstein

– Jaiden Deal


2 thoughts on “Where will technology lead us next?

  1. I think another issue, besides cultural and societal differences, is that the public is just in denial. They are looking for any “proof” out there within the masses of information for whatever confirms their beliefs so that they don’t have to deal with an ugly truth. I don’t think it just has to do with religion, or how the culture functions, it also has to do with how people are intrinsically. People tend to avoid things that make them scared or stressed out, and if the reality of climate change scares people, they will avoid it and deny it. The cognitive dissonance of people is so strong that they will do anything to avoid changing their beliefs and thoughts and so that they live a more “comfortable” life. Being an Environmental Studies major where every day there is more depressing news about how Earth is falling apart and humans are to blame, I can understand that this disheartening feeling is not something that everyone wants to, or has time to, deal with.
    The public has to be taught again, and children need to be taught in school, that change is necessary and natural. What I want to know, is how technology has really influenced your argument? Why is technology intrinsic to this mentality of the public?

    Annelise Wilimitis


  2. “I don’t think it just has to do with religion, or how the culture functions, it also has to do with how people are intrinsically.”
    There is no such thing has how people are “intrinsically”. People are the way they are because of the world they’re grown up in, I can tell you this from personal experience because I was a completely different person the first 18 years of my life that was heavily attached to the egotistic mind that thrives off drama, fear, and hate then I found truth, changed my ways, and now a completely different person who views all situations in a new light. I agree with you change must be taught at schools and whatnot as I was trying to get at that in my blog, as for technology, it influences my argument greatly because we’re starting to see a new generation that is highly dependent on technology and just like previous eras that have shaped our parents generational thinking, and now our generations thinking, this technology era is shaping children everyday to not go with change, to not look at problems they don’t want to look at, and so on and so forth.
    Jaiden Deal


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