Assumptions of the causes of Cancer

By: Lauren Kathleen Reinhard

I think everyone has heard of the assumptions that drinking causes cancers or not exercising will cause cancer and many more. First of all the definition of cancer is a disease that is caused by the abnormal mutation of cells in a part of the body. Although we are not sure what exactly causes each cancer, i.e. hereditary, radiation, etcetera, researchers have done studies to try to pin point some main causes.  These assumptions lead people to believe that if they drink they will get cancer which is not accurate. Although these lifestyles could increase your risk it is not the main cause. The most recent idea that we talked about in class was that processed meat will cause cancer. The American Cancer society that the International Agency for research on cancer has stated that meat is a cause of cancer, and red meat might cause cancer. Experts from around the world gathered to study 800 cases and they were able to conclude that ingesting around 50 grams of processed meat will increase your chances of cancer. They religiously say that a healthy diet, with many fruits and vegetables is one way to avoid cancer. They do not know exactly how or why it causes cancer yet though.

Although these facts are scary to hear and you want to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise and eat right and not consume alcohol, avoiding all of these things will not 100 percent prevent you from getting cancer. Many of my family members were very active and healthy human beings who checked their cholesterols and diets regularly and they still were diagnosed with cancer later in life. Just because these studies show a connection between some unhealthy lifestyles and mutation of cells people do not normally follow these studies findings. Like we said in class when that studied was announced a year ago most people still continued to eat processed meat. It is the smartest to choose a healthy exercise with diet and exercise when trying to prevent any kind of disease or even just to prolong your life, but that does not mean to avoid ever eating processed meat or other causes.





4 thoughts on “Assumptions of the causes of Cancer

  1. Great post. People are caught up in the idea that if you smoke cigarettes or eat red meat or drink a lot of alcohol you have a higher risk of cancer. They think that means that everyone who has cancer has cancer because of one of these things. We don’t know what causes cancer. It could’ve been anything. Obviously we should stay away from harmful things, but you can get cancer even if you’re the healthiest person on earth.

    Jensen Harris

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  2. This is an awesome post because I have thought about this many times in life when deciding if I made the right decision to have an extra drink or eat that burger. Cancer can be caused by anything as far as we know so why limit yourself to not enjoying life?

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  3. Cancer is such a great example of the gap between science and the media. I’m sure we’ve all heard of various things (basically anything you can think of) as potentially being a carcinogen. One that stands out to me is that sunscreen causes cancer, while sunscreen’s main purpose is to prevent skin cancer. There’s also the mistrust of some of the public, who believe that cancer is just a medically-created way to get more money for hospitals and doctors, and that’s why there’s not a known cure yet.

    Amanda Hecker


  4. I think there are some lifestyle things that are worth giving up, just to be on the safe side, but I do agree that it’s hard to pin down one cause from an individual case. There are a lot of proven carcinogens in manufactured products, such as plastics, that I think are unnecessary and should just be banned if they have been shown to hurt our health or the environment.

    Katie McNulty


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