Climate in the Media

As we all know there are many deniers of climate change. This trend of thinking was mainly prompted by the media and social media. While most of the science community believes in human induced climate change, some people (mainly in the United States) refuse the facts and say this is all natural changes. While the trends of warming and cooling are normal within the earth’s history, the rates at which it is warming and the rates at which criteria pollutants and GHGs are being emitted is quite unnatural. There is much evidence that humans are altering the global climate on a long time scale, but because of lobbying by fossil fuel companies, the hard facts are now up for debate.

Some media sources will re-enforce people’s belief that the warming is not human induced, while other media sources will report on the facts. But like stated in Unscientific America, the number of science related articles is down. This is an issue the science community faces when trying to spread their knowledge and communicate to the public what is happening and what they can do on individual and large scale levels to help. I think one of the main downfalls we see in communicating about climate science is when scientists discovered the hole in the ozone. The scientists broadcast this information and most of the general public knew there was a hole in the ozone, but did not quite comprehend the consequences. This discovery should have lead to major regulations and changes in industry structure, yet nothing really became of it. The media is goal driven and should be monitored when talking about certain things especially science. The science community and the journalist community need to be better intertwined, and have no ulterior motives.

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-Katie McNulty


5 thoughts on “Climate in the Media

  1. You make a good point, especially with your example about the ozone. I personally, if asked what we are doing to reduce the emissions effecting the ozone would have no idea what to say, or quite honestly if emissions are even the main issue. The picture paints a great picture, we dirtied it and should clean up our messes, while there are always those who like to refute evidence and ownership.

    Allison Johnson


  2. I totally agree with you. Media will always pick and choose what they say depending on what companies and lobbyist support them financially. It makes me sick to think their are people in the news prolonging the myth that climate change is natural and there is no need for alarm. Its 80° outside and its mid-october, people need to wake up and smell the carbon because climate change is going to consume us all very shortly.


  3. Being a Journalist major, I can definitely see how this is a problem. The media nowadays is not how it should be. Different media outlets are usually owned by one conglomerate company and the head of that company can make them post what they want them to post. I learned in my class the Media only shows what it wants you to see, in other words you could not be getting the whole story or you could only be getting one side of it.
    -Elizabeth Mullett


  4. I agree that science and journalists need to be more entertained, in fact that is the very field I am going into, science journalism. I think the real question here is how. How do we get journalists to report facts? Not just what will sell a good story. How do we get scientists to fork over information that seems important, that is easy for journalists trying to write a good story in a very short amount of time to understand? While I don’t know the answers to these questions I think it is important to answer them before saying they simply need to get along better.

    ~Asha Brogan


  5. I agree with this, the media has said that we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint or pollution but in actuality we haven’t seen anything proving that we have.
    -Lauren Reinhard


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