Lack of Scientific Issues in Politics

In the book, “Unscientific America” by Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum, they talked about the ScienceDebate2008 and how it tried to bring scientific issues main-stage to televised political debates between the two presidential candidates who at the time were Obama and McCain. This ended up working and Obama and McCain both talked about how they would tackle the scientific issues that were pertinent to that time at a public setting, and helped bring science into politics. But this, in my opinion, was not enough. A political candidate can say they’re going to do something but whether or not they do or if they even fully understand the issue and how to fix it is a whole other issue on its own. I liked how Obama started to talk about science, how important science is and even helped people to understand the importance of slowing down or stopping Global Warming, but he never did anything, in my opinion, proactive. He talked about how we should invest in renewable resources but he never made any laws or bills to enforce the use of them. Obama seemed to use the talk of Global Warming to warn the American people of what could happen but as one of the most powerful people in the world, he could have done a lot more. Now I understand that it would also have to get passed Congress and that may be an impossible task all on its own but at least it could have started a domino effect of some type of scientific or public action. The fact that we have a candidate running right now who has came out and said that he believes global warming is a “hoax created by the Chinese” is proof enough of how little Science is talked about in politics and even put to political action of some kind. In the article from called “Scientists Decry Lack of Political Urgency About Global Warming – 2004-06-15” they discuss how politicians usually do not talk about or care about the threat of Global Warming. They say, “Researchers who gathered in Washington Tuesday for a meeting on climate change warned that despite the imperfect state of knowledge, enough is known about global warming to cause grave worry and incite action.” Now Obama has been the most progressive president when it comes to advocating for Global Warming but still must be done and I hope the next presidential candidate can do more to help not only re-enforce the direness of Global Warming but will also but his or her words into action. .


One thought on “Lack of Scientific Issues in Politics

  1. I agree with your post and the argument presented in the reading. If we as a country want to see scientific improvements and innovations rivaling we have to make science and technology a priority. Unfortunately the apathy seen in our political climate is a reflection of the apathy in our culture. Our political leaders don’t care because the majority of our population don’t care.

    -Jennifer Brees


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