Science and Entertainment

Today’s society is not as interested in science as they once were. As explained in Unscientific America, most Americans only come in connect with science in science-fiction movies, books, and television shows. This creates a need for the science that people are seeing to be accurate. If people are only shown false or exaggerated science, then they will have a false understanding of the world. More and more, screenwriters see the need for the science of their work to be accurate. The Science and Entertainment Exchange allows screenwriters to connect scientists in the desired field to get plausible science for the work. Jessica Cail, a Los Angeles psychopharmacologist, consulted for “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and says that her goal isn’t to make the scripts worthy of peer review but to find a middle ground between fantasy and realism. Many projects go to the Science and Entertainment Exchange now and have not completely accurate science but plausible science in order to not completely misinform the public.


2 thoughts on “Science and Entertainment

  1. I think its depressing that science is being less and less exposed in our news. I understand people are drawn to other areas of the news, but science is literally factual information that isn’t completely fantasized to entertain the public.

    -Ali Danesh


  2. I actually find this topic to be very interesting. It can be difficult to find that “middle ground” mentioned, but the beauty of science fiction is that it doesn’t have to be based on concrete facts. However, it would be preferable to see more realistic science happening on the silver screen.


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