Sugar Crazed

Tobacco Science is the name given to any scientific research that was done by major tobacco companies to “prove” that smoking cigarettes and using tobacco products were not detrimental to your health. While millions of dollars were poured in to paying off scientific institutions to prove the tobacco companies were right while the U.S. government was wrong about the effects of tobacco, not much has changed in the public perception of tobacco since the surgeon general listed tobacco as an extremely high risk for cancer. Today, we understand that tobacco is not a component of a healthy lifestyle, yet we still fall for the new “tobacco science” of today. I believe that the “tobacco science” of my generation is sugar. Before you dismiss this article as a conspiracy theory that has no basis in actual science, just listen to some of these facts. Since the 1980’s to now, obesity rates have doubled to 600 million worldwide and those with diabetes has tripled to 347 million worldwide. The late 1970’s was a real boom in the use of sugar in processed foods and since then we can see an obvious increase in sugar related heath conditions. While a sedentary lifestyle that has increased due to new technologies, it is not hard to believe that the increase of sugar in foods has also led to the rise of these weight and diet related health conditions. In the past 30 years, the world daily consumption of sugar has increased by almost 50% which is very hazardous to the health conditions of future generations if that number keeps increasing.


5 thoughts on “Sugar Crazed

  1. I completely agree with you. We know that sugar could be harmful to our bodies if it is not “natural sugar that comes from fruits”, yet we still consume way too much of it. We know the harmful effects and the aftermaths yet we still tend to ignore all of it. Guess we need public ads and media to express it since we want to keep ignoring it.
    Shayla Ford


  2. Wow great points, I never really thought of it that way. But I do have to say that I think that yes this is a problem still but I think this sugar dependent generation has begun to make a downhill fall with the new trends of organic and gluten free lifestyles the media has been promoting.


  3. I agree also there are many studies and facts showing how bad it is for us yet people still consumer large quantities of it
    Lauren Reinhard


  4. It would help if you had sources, but good article nevertheless! Sugar is very unhealthy for us to consume and its been known to be just as addictive as cocaine (many variables and whatnot, but extremely similar to addiction level, like what happens physically and mentally). A healthy amount of sugar intake is like 1-2 teaspoons a day, but if you look at the back of all this processed junk there’s like 30g of sugar.
    This is easily combated by slowing lowering your sugar intake until you get to that 1-2tsp, for the lower class this is a whole other problem to take on though.
    Jaiden Deal


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