Target Advertising Taking Over

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There seems to be a new popular trend taking  over that we spoke of in class. We spoke about how target advertising on social media has made it to where people are just not getting fully informed any more. So it seems they may be missing there mark but overall it looks as though it is a trend that is here to stay. From what I found by the time it is year 2020 the percentage of online users targeted through target advertising will be an estimated 85% which is huge. As just a measure of the growth in such industry here are some of the facts; In 1998 15 million was spent on such an endeavor and in 2008 that figure was a reported 775 million dollars and so in the year 2020 we see an estimated figure of over thirty billion dollars in spending. So as you can see this trend is here to stay so I just wonder how this will hold out through time. Will everyone cease to even notice or will they all get so tired of seeing the same ad every thirty seconds that they realize this is something to be better off without. I feel that these agency are receiving personal information and should not be allowed to target our every exposure due to the mere possibility of some measly sale. I also hope people can recognize that the bottle necking of interest will only hurt relations with potential new buyers and just in a social realm objectively speaking. Then there is the whole fact that the thought of being catalogued is just inhumane at its core if you ask me but hey it is unavoidable. Oh and lets not forget the fact that there is a database of all the random google questions that have spurred as well in the name of behavioral advertising and that’s not creepy at all. It makes you feel as though the salesman is your stalker oh and he is invisible so there’s that. Overall I just hope we can realize this is unnecessary and come to our senses. I found my statistical facts all wrapped in an interesting video about the subject  matter ( Its very interesting.

Tymandra Amburgy


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