The media changes our perception of reality

As we listened to the lecture last week about media consolidation and how the media is controlled by the big six I thought deeply into how manipulated our perception of life could be. I previously knew about the big six, but I never realized that they controlled 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to. Considering these big six companies control up to almost 300 million Americans isn’t just staggering, also frightening. The fact that these companies combined in 2010 almost had a total revenue of 300 billion should be alarming. I have always been skeptical of our daily news, but numbers like these make me even more curious about what actually happens behind the scenes.

When I was in high school I use to watch conspiracy videos about how the media manipulates the public, but I was never sure whether these videos were true or not. However, years later I find it completely hard to comprehend some of things we hear from the media. I mean people hear stories then change them when retelling the story, so what should make us in society believe that the media couldn’t or better yet wouldn’t do the same cycle?

In a recent article the Pentagon was accused of paying a PR firm to create fake terrorist videos. This seems far fetch, but isn’t our perception our reality? If News Corp. owns the newspaper in 3 continents wouldn’t that suggest they can persuade the views of millions of people on earth. The cultivation theory states how media can reflect culture, which in recent years has illustrated the high volume of terrorist movies. These movies make a lasting impression forever that will be imbedded into our nations culture, which I can speak on first hand being half Middle Eastern.

It sounds far fetch for our country to put out secret propaganda, but is it really is the question? The events of 9/11 forever changed the foundation of security in our country, which is when Homeland Security was put into effect. How would the media know within hours that Osama Bin Laden was in charge of these attacks? Once again I am not stating these accusations are true, but I am trying to get you as a viewer to view both sides of the spectrum. As I continued to read the article it states how the global war on terrorism could potentially be based on a fictitious group of people who is known as our “enemy”. Previously in the mid 20th century our enemy was North Korea and North Vietnam, which many movies focused on these cultures and targeted them as bad guys. Now we have changed that focus onto the Middle Eastern culture.

As an American citizen I want to know exactly what is the motivation for this exact propaganda. A smart man in 1928, “

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country (Edward Bernays).


Edwards Bernays is known as the father of public relations and his wise words could only make an individual wonder what is true and what is a fabrication of the truth…..





Ali Danesh


4 thoughts on “The media changes our perception of reality

  1. Great post. It is very frightening to know that our information and news is in the hands of 6 corporations. It almost angers me to realize how much money they’re making as well. I mean, hundreds of billions of dollars? If that wealth was spread, we could feed so many people and better so many lives. It’s hard to believe it, and it makes you wonder if some news just never surfaces. If all 6 corporations agree on holding back news, will the news be discovered?

    Jensen Harris


  2. You have a good (but frightening) point. How far is too far? We already allow 6 people to control 90% of our media, how much we will allow the government to manipulate the rest? The information given out isn’t even legally required to be correct or factual. Conspiracy theories should be easy to discount as false, but if we can’t trust the actual news given out by ‘reputable’ sources, what can we trust?

    -Jennifer Brees


  3. You should research Noam Chomsky! He’s someone who has worked in the media and academic field his whole life and exposes these corrupted corporations controlling our perceptions and whatnot. But one who has not done enough research does not have a true understanding on a certain subject like 9/11, which was most certainly partly manipulated for the benefit of corporations. Also news stories are called stories for a reason – they’re just that a story and do not represent the real truth in any respect.

    Jaiden Deal

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  4. One like for Chomsky. Great post, Ali. And yep, that Pentagon story checks out.


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