Trump Tests the Public Ear Once Again

Should private lives and politics be separate entities? Should a political candidate’s private sexual life be acknowledged? Well, it seems like Americans view the private lives of candidates as an important matter considering Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are always on the news because of something they’ve done wrong. But who are we to judge what is right and wrong in terms of running a country? Was John F. Kennedy wrong for the multiple women he was with during his presidency? Was Bill Clinton wrong for the obvious scandals he was involved in? Were these actions any indicator that these men were unable to perform their jobs? I don’t think so.

What a man wants to do sexually is his own business. Some of us may be different than others in that aspect, but we can’t judge how someone will perform their job from a sexual encounter they had. I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, but the media is giving him such a hard time for comments he made 11 years ago about women. 11 YEARS ago. He did not know that the comments were being recorded and he was using a typical guy’s locker room type of vocabulary. It’s harmless. He said what he said because no one else was supposed to hear it. How does this pertain to his ability to be the president? He never even did these things, he just talked about them. Now, he is a villain and people are starting to doubt his abilities.

I don’t think it’s very fair to be so close minded about a person. Of course, he’s a big shot millionaire and he talks a lot of smack, but he’s a person just like everyone else and he says things that aren’t so admirable sometimes. We’ve all been there. This is all being thrown back into his face for no reason.

I also think it’s crazy how as soon as someone starts weighing in on a political issue you can tell who they support super fast. If you tune into a radio station, they will make snide little comments about a candidate. If you turn on the television, you’ll see a certain candidate being glorified on one channel and vilified on another. There’s people who support Donald and have his back, and there are people who want to make sure he NEVER becomes president and they do everything in their power to stop it. Like I said, I don’t support Trump at all. I’m not a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, but I will not vote for Donald. Making him out to be a monster for making sexual comments is foolish. It’s unfair and it’s just childish. We want this election to be like a TV drama and it really confuses me.

In conclusion, judge a political candidate by looking at what he/she has to offer POLITICALLY. Don’t sit there and judge a football star off of his ability to juggle. Stick with what’s actually important and stop being a hater.


Jensen Harris


3 thoughts on “Trump Tests the Public Ear Once Again

  1. Okay the issue that you don’t seem to understand is, this is far from the first time he has been sexually vulgar towards women. The reason this is such an issue is specifically because it was 11 years ago.

    This shows that when he is behind closed doors, even 11 years ago, at 59, he was & is absolutely DISGUSTING toward women. He says he can do whatever he want to women because he’s a celebrity. It enrages me even typing those words on my keyboard.

    Yeah, JFK slept around. Womens rights were barely even on the table at that point, so its not a shock whatsoever. That doesn’t mean it was okay. Bill Clinton also, he has a rough past with women as well, also over 20 years ago so, also I’m pretty sure its his wife running for office…not him so his situation really has NOTHING to do with this. Also, he was impeached. Past presidents wrong doings do not make a presidential nominees wrong doings right.

    Donald Trump is a misogynist pathetic excuse for a man and if you honestly think that women are outraged over only for him saying things on a tape from 11 years ago, I’m sorry sir but you aren’t paying attention.


  2. I agree that the media has been focusing on this issue with Donald Trump’s view on women but when you run for office, you’re in the public eye and nothing is sacred. The whole problem with Trump is that he has absolutely ZERO political background and he’s also a class 1 narcissist. Its a sad truth that in the way Trump views women is a common problem among men who are also rich and powerful. The fact that Trump feels like he has to bring up Bill’s past indiscretions just to try and cover his up proves that he’s clearly grasping at straws. Trump in my opinion is a sign that we need to further educate the American people about the real issues at hand and I know the whole political system is corrupt, you can simply buy the nomination, but clearly the Democrats and even the Republicans are not happy with Trump being the Republican nominee. Trump has proven that he is exceptionally childish all on his own accord and why people will still vote for him is beyond me.
    -Elizabeth Mullett


  3. Alright, I would be the last person to clamp debate on what is clearly a passionate topic, but I am struggling to see the relevance to the theme/topic for this post. Jensen, I think you are, of course, entitled to your political beliefs, and can make an argumentative case, as are your classmates that are challenging/elaborating with their perspectives. But where’s my science comm link? In George Costanza’s words, “George is getting upset!”


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