Whose Fault is it for Lack of Science? Yours? The Media?

In the past week, we had been talking about the continuous decrease in science literacy as well as exposure to science information in general. We had also brought up the fact that many individuals in society have tuned what information that they want to hear based on their viewpoints. So the main question that I want to ask is whose fault is it for our decrease for the appreciation of science.

According to a study done by a team of psychologists from the universities of Illinois and Florida, it has been concluded that, while we now live and work in an environment filled with information, we filter out most of what we see and hear. When analyzing a group of 8000 test subjects, “The research found that people were in general twice as likely to select information that supported their own point of view as to consider an opposing idea, with two thirds going for supportive views as opposed to a third going the other way”. It was also found that people who were considered close minded didn’t even attempt to listen or understand an opposing or different viewpoint. The reason for this clear bias was because changing peoples perspective or ideas would give the idea that they might not be able to live the lives that they were previously living. So the science clearly shows that we are just programmed to be close minded and not consider many options that aren’t correlated to our own beliefs. Is it our truly our fault or the people we know for telling us to understand or consider ideas?

If we blamed the people around us, then we need to look at where they got their lack of openness to ideas from. Usually, this comes from the television media as despite the fact that it is going down, it is still the preferred way to obtain news. Biomedical researchers were from five countries were interacted with 35% of the time in media in 2005 while US scientists were mentioned even less in 2015 at about 10%.  This small stat shows that society from any country is being pushed away from science information. I feel that we should be educating children on the importance of science and to be able to explain why instead of thinking that it is boring and unnecessary, it is important and how it can be beneficial to the rest of society.







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