Your Aunt’s Facebook Posts

We all have one.  Whether it is someone you are actually related to, an old friend you haven’t seen in 6 years, or just some acquaintance  you regretfully added without knowing how not so privately ridiculous they are.  Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and having friends with varying opinions from your own is a great thing to have.  However, we all have at least one friend on Facebook who clearly has no idea what they’re talking about whether they’re anti-vaccers, climate change deniers, or something along those frightening lines.

We all also probably know when it comes to questioning their article on why tearing down the rainforest is all part of God’s plan there is no arguing.  Any facts given are “manipulated” or unable to be trusted because of the “liberal” source they came from.  Who knew the UN was biased?  Of course, a lot of the media we consume is far from perfect or unbiased.  And it’s good to look to multiple sources in order to gain a balanced opinion, but ignoring all facts and reason and professionals who dedicate their entire lives to what they study is ridiculous.

For example, before Harambe become some huge joke, I posted a status on Facebook about how we should take the time to focus on conservation of his wild counterparts (which is still relevant, I don’t find any part of the whole Harambe “joke” in any way funny) with this link: (which you all should check out).  It was then followed my “Aunt” arguing that species depletion is irrelevant to human population size and will never affect people, as well as the claim that polar bears are in no direct danger because of climate change, so don’t worry “she did the math”.

It’s sad to think how many people out there really do just deny the truth and almost seem to be offended by science.  Hopefully one day the gap between science and the public will be less obvious.

Victoria Obermeyer


One thought on “Your Aunt’s Facebook Posts

  1. Facebook ‘science’ is a cancer to our society. The amount of posts I’ve seen that are simply backwards and false is staggering. People simply click ‘like’ or ‘share’ without ever bothering to delve deeper and find the truth. Understandably, social media is a mindless entertainment. However, science and medicine are not ‘mindless’ endeavors and should not be treated as such. When these completely separate fields commingle then you have baseless information being spread to a large amount of our population.

    -Jennifer Brees


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