How Deep?

Last Thursday in class we discussed the spectrum of ideologies and how they all have separate ways of thinking and beliefs. One of those ideological beliefs is the most egocentric, Transformative. Transformative ideological thinking takes many forms, and one that struck my attention was Deep Ecology. This idea is followed by thinking that humans have no right to reduce our diversity in the world, and that we need to decrease our human population in order to better our environment. The human population has become an issue that is harming our environment in many ways.

Our increase in population has affected the environment both directly and indirectly. For example, a growing population requires a large amount of living space. This in turn results in the industrialization of flourishing land, which destroys our earth and harms nature so humans can live comfortably. This industrialization is just one factor in causing climate change, which is an issue for humans everywhere that will only become worse. Climate change can cause a, “loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves,” (, link below). How can we support life on earth when the estimated population growth will increase to 10 billion (link below), and we won’t have space to put that many people?

It’s simple right? We decrease the population. These are where the Deep Ecological views start to come into play. We simply can eradicate billions of people to keep our environment stable. We can’t create a law limiting the amount of children we have, and then just get rid of any extras that aren’t allowed, that’s ethically disturbing. So, we must find alternative solutions in order to decrease our population.

Educating the people will provide knowledge to those who don’t have much background in population growth and the destruction that comes along with it. Also, access to safe contraceptives to both sexes can decrease the amount of children being born. But we must also consider ending gender bias amongst the majority of nations, and follow a more ecofeminist belief that we should not live in a male-centered world with oppressed women. According to, “Women who can own, inherit, and manage property; divorce; obtain credit; and participate in civic and political affairs on equal terms with men are more likely to postpone childbearing and to have fewer children compared to women who are deprived of these rights,” (link below). These two Transformative views can often work well together to keep our environment stable.

With the idea of a growing population, we must consider our options and solutions. It’s not easy to think Transformatively, but educating others and changing social views are two necessary steps towards saving our planet.

Andrew Ebding


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