Are we Religious if we Aren’t Scientific? Are we not Religious if we are Scientific?


On Tuesday, we had a discussion about the clear line that religion and science have both had. The controversial topic on whether the earth was made in the last 10,000 years through the idea of creationism or over a course of billions of years through the idea of evolution. Currently, an average 42% of all Americans believe that God created humans in their present form, about 31% of Americans believe that humans evolved with God guiding, and about 19% of Americans believe that humans evolved with God playing no role. Looking at these statistics, its clear that a large portion of citizens believe in some higher entity playing a role in our creation with only 1/3 of them believing in a form of evolution. Does this mean that half the country is scientifically illiterate because they refuse the scientific idea with the most amount of data and facts supporting it? I believe that it is all a matter of social environment as well as amount of or lack there of exposure to different ideas. A large portion of people who believe in the creationist idea went to church on a weekly basis while people who believed in god and evolution went less. It is difficult for people who have a strong belief in one idea to be open to others. Since birth, our parents gear us towards one perspective because that is the perspective they know. It seems though as time has moved forward, the younger generation is becoming less stubborn to different ideas then their older counterparts. The main factor that could play a key role in this is the excess amount of information we can get easily. If seems too late to try and persuade an older generation on the idea of science and evolution, but it seems that it is possible for us as a society to be able to give children different perspectives without gearing them towards one or another. So can we truly blame science for not being persuasive enough or can be blame people for not wanting to listen to alternatives?


Usamah Ali


6 thoughts on “Are we Religious if we Aren’t Scientific? Are we not Religious if we are Scientific?

  1. I absolutely agree with your stance here. Also, good insight, the stats were very helpful and gave more of a broad image as to what this blog aimed to connect with. I grew up in church but also had a very lenient household so I definitely have a more open mind to other’s opinions, views and stances. And I identify with that 31% because as a child, church was not shoved down my throat. The free thinking that is offered in some families is so helpful in combating the seeming close-mindedness of some that aren’t as open to science, evolution, etc.

    Mikayla Hounchell


  2. This was very intriguing and really made me think. Although I agree that it is difficult to pinpoint the source of reasoning and determine who is really scientifically illiterate, I don’t think anyone in particular is to blame. I also fall under the 31%, because of my religious background. But according to the test we took in class, I am under the scientifically literate category. So it really is tough to find an accurate meaning. Either way, this article is definitely though provoking.

    Andrew Ebding


  3. I am really glad that you wrote about this topic because it is one that I am super interested in as well. For me, science and religion have always gone together. To me, they have always made sense that they would work together. I don’t believe that most Christians are scientifically illiterate. This is because I believe that religious and intelligent person would know that both spirituality and logic do fit together perfectly.

    Erica Bock


  4. As a science major and a Catholic, I definitely can say that I am both. I don’t think that if you are religious you can’t believe in science and vice versa.
    -Lauren Reinhard


  5. I can see how this article can be provoking and controversial. I do believe in evolution but also have my faith with God. Some people believe in a higher being (whether it be God or not). Not all religious people are scientifically illiterate. People choose to what they want to believe in.
    – Tarah Klenk


  6. I thought this was a very good article. I never thought about how growing up in religion could affect your scientific understanding of the world. Some great points!


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