Ecological spectrum

How humans interact with and view the environment can be broken down into multiple ways, in which we categorize the level of importance from least to most. This is called the ecological spectrum; beginning way back, humans saw nature as an abundance of resources and not much thought was put into how the earth would be affected by our dominance. Practices in unrestrained indstrumentalism, which is essentially free reign on the environment have caused climate change, habitat loss and in some cases extinction. as time progresses and people learn, we recognized that our actions can have drastic consequences if not checked. Conservationalism, Preservationism, Ethics and value ideologies and transformative ideologies are all chronological on the spectrum. different parts of the world still practice all forms of these ideologies, which has become a greater concern in the 20th century.

A North Dakota indian tribe has been protesting the construction of a crude oil pipeline; it would essentially run through the tribes land transporting hundreds of thousands of oil through the tribes land each day. Despite a relatively peaceful protest, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe have been met with arrests and hostility and abuse by law enforcement. Other than having their rights violated during protests, the tribes major concern is how the pipeline will affect their community. They consider the project an environmental and cultural threat to the land. Possible leaks of crude oil in construction, or after completion is dangerous to their water supply and claim that the pipeline will disturb the land of which their ancestors are buried. These types of figures are the ones the environmental spectrum considers more human centered, and arguably not looking out for the ecological better of tomorrow. Left unchecked, big money will always find ways to trample over people and their beliefs, the environment and its resources to gain a profit; b/c the future belongs to a different group of people, thinking that its not their problem is dangerous indeed.

Chandler B


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