Evolution in Private Schools

By: Lauren Reinhard

After going to a Catholic Private school my whole life I am pretty accustomed to theology and science classes clashing. I remember always having the debates in theology about whether to trust science or the bible. When you go to a catholic school the teachers must enforce Catholics beliefs because it is in their contract. Because of this my theology teacher(s) would always take the Church’s side. But it was not always denying evolution. We know that evolution happened, its scientifically proven through fossils and artifacts found. but the way my teachers explained it to us is that just because evolution happened, it doesn’t mean that the bible is wrong. Some of the bible can be taken literal such as stories of Jesus but in the Bible it says that God made the earth in 7 days which doesn’t really make that much sense. Theres a reason for every story in the bible. The seven days has a significance behind it, which goes even farther into Catholicism. So what we would always say in theology in my school is that science and religion can coexist. They also can support each other. I think Pope Francis does a really good job with explaining this. He has written and made many statements about science and religion  co existing. Theres no reason that the two can’t support each other. Although there is no real way to prove God’s existence science can help support it. That is always what I was taught. We were also taught in biology all about evolution. I am also a science major at the University of Cincinnati so I have recently studied a lot about evolution and how animals have evolved. Even with knowing this information I am still a Catholic and I still believe in evolution also. I know in some schools people were never taught about evolution or never taught about religion. I think that you should be taught both and then have your own freedom to decide what you believe in rather than have someone else tell you what to believe in. I never realized who lucky I was to be taught both sides and form my opinion and have statements and arguments to back it up until I came to college. It is always important to me that everyone gets their own say  and respect for what they believe in.



Beliefs Can Coexist: I’m A Science Writer And A Christian


4 thoughts on “Evolution in Private Schools

  1. Lauren,
    I believe in evolution, also, as well as God! I think that there has always been such a way of thinking that science and religion can’t coexist and that’s why many people have their separate ideas about religion and science. Evolution, as you said, has been proven, but not everything that happened was written in the bible. Very good topic.
    -Traci Alig


  2. I agree with your blog considering I too wrote about science in private schools. As the comment stated above, people don’t think that the two teachings can coexist with one another. Yes, they do have different teachings but one person can believe in both evolution and still practice their faith.
    – Tarah Klenk


  3. I liked how you talked about it being possible to believe in or see two different sides of things! I think people often forget that there can be exceptions and it doesn’t always have to be one way or the other!

    -Josie Silvey


  4. Lauren, reading your blog post made me understand what happens in a Catholic private school system. I went to public schools my entire life and actually attended class with the same people for 12 years. This made me feel how confused you must have been while growing up. But it gives clarity when you go into depth about your experience and the reason of coexisting. Overall, this was a good read!!


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