Limitations to having kids by:Traci Alig

In this past week, we talked about whether it is detrimental to the population, or not, to have more than two kids. This discussion made me wonder how much of our freedom is constantly being questioned. In my opinion, having a kid should be a personal decision and based on whether or not a family is able to support the children. This decision or happiness shouldn’t be felt as if it should be taken away just because of thoughts about excessive population. Yes, I agree that some may make irrational decisions to have children when they are not ready, but if the child is able to live in a stable and healthy environment, I say why hold back. On average, statistically 150,000 people die every day. This means that more room becomes available for new lives to come in.

People contribute to the world in many ways, and one good way is contributing new ideas. With more minds, more ideas are distributed and jobs occupied or created which results in contributing, possibly, bigger and better things to our current population. I understand that, as the population is rising, less jobs are available or harder to find, poverty is occurring, and etc., but I disagree that the decision to not have a bigger family should be based off of being afraid of overpopulating. Many people die every minute, and if more of the population agreed to not have as many children as desired, this just puts an enormous limitation on one of the biggest decisions of freedom that one has.

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4 thoughts on “Limitations to having kids by:Traci Alig

  1. I really enjoyed this topic and loved how straight forward you were about what you believe when it comes to the freedom of having children. I agree with you that it should be based off of a personal decision on how capable one is to support a family! Great topic.

    -Josie Silvey


  2. I see both sides to this argument. On the side of personal choice and freedom, I definitely want to have children one day. One of the issues of being an Environmental Studies major is that I learn about something new every day that has the possibility to put me in a bad mood. There is always more and more negative news to learn about: how much humans are effecting the earth, or how some other species has gone extinct or another natural disaster is happening. Knowing what I know, that makes it hard to separate environmentalism from my personal life. I am constantly thinking about whether I should get carry out food or even eating at restaurants at all, or what I’m buying at the grocery store or clothing store is local, “natural,” fair trade, and how much energy was used to make this and how much trash will be leftover when I’m done using it. Having this mindset, it makes it even more challenging to relate this to having children. I don’t think the government should necessarily be restricting people with having children, but maybe incentives will help people think about their decisions more. One woman in a class of mine called people who have children knowing what they know about the environment “uneducated” and I think that is also largely disrespectful. There has to be a compromise with these two sides to respect people’s rights and also do what is best for the environment

    Your point about how many people die every day may be true, but the natural increase rate (birth rate minus death rate) per 1,000 people in the United States is still 5.71. Therefore, since this number isn’t negative it means that the population is still growing. The highest NIR of any country is 37.52, which is definitely not sustainable ( It is true that with more people, there are more minds with intelligence. But what happens when there are too many people to be able to give everyone basic human necessities like food, water, and shelter because of overpopulation? If you want new minds for advances in technology and other areas, then lower immigration restrictions. This is the easiest and most effective way to solve both the issues of new minds and not increasing population growth overall (it is just moving the population from one country to another).

    Annelise Wilimitis


  3. Many scientists believe that mankind has surpassed their carrying capacity and due to increases in health science and technology developments we are able to increase our population beyond its natural carrying capacity. While having kids is one of the most rewarding jobs offered by nature, it is a huge responsibility and in the developing countries having the most children, many of these families are not able to sustain a population growing at the rate in which that it is. Right now money should be put in to educating developing countries about the dangers of having more and more children.

    Grant Moss


  4. I agree with you completely! If a family wants more children and can provide the appropriate living environment and finically support their child I don’t see why they should be told that they can’t. It is a personal decision and I do not believe there should be a limit on how many children people are allowed to have.

    Kelly Woodward


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