Science In PrivateSchools

As a person who went to a privet catholic school for half of their schooling years, science was a staple in our education. Science education was very prevalent in my school, it was something that was talked about openly, there wasn’t any shaming the subject matter the some might think there is. It is important to note that not all privet schools are as open as some others might be. One topic that always seems to be a sensitive area in the church is evolution. Many church followers would rather skip the subject altogether and find something to teach. The school I went to taught evolution and no one seem to have a problem with it, in fact my science teacher was my religion teacher. In the article a parents talks about how they want their child to be taught evolution and science because that what the world revolves around. I think a lot of parents are realizing that it is not in their child’s best interest to keep then sheltered from something that is referenced in every classroom and work place around the world.  Not only that, but a child needs to form their own beliefs about any subject, so giving  them all the information about any topic is only giving them the opportunity to form their own belief’s. It’s my thought that it isn’t right for any parent to keep information from their child that wont do them any harm, learning about another theory of how the earth started isn’t going to kill them. A parent also has to consider a child’s future, college specifically. The chances of them continuing on to a privet college might be slim and  even then there are science classes in those colleges. Again it wouldn’t be in the child’s best interest to keep them closed off to something as big as science.


Colleen Wilburn


4 thoughts on “Science In PrivateSchools

  1. Coleen,
    I agree that science and religion should both be taught to one at a young age. This helps a child’s mind to be open-minded and accept other’s beliefs around him or her. I also went to a private school for a couple of years in elementary, and I also remember science being openly talked about as much as religion was. Neither science or religion should be frowned upon, they should both be taught and accepted as an equal.


  2. I also agree with you and the comment from Traci. I am a strong believer that everyone deserves a chance to hear all sides or cases of a situation in order to truly decide, on their own, what they are most passionate with. Both science and religion are extremely important topics and should be brought to all students attention.

    -Josie Silvey


  3. I agree with you. I have always been taught both and it has never really been a big issue for me. I have been able to find a way to agree with both religion and science and mesh them into my everyday life. Children need to be taught about what they will face in the real world.


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