To Be or Not To Be??

Erica Bock

The topic of whether to have children or not was recently talked about in class. After hearing just a few responses from my classmates, I knew I was eager to hear more opinions on this topic. However, the class period was about to be over, thus, time did not allow.

I personally believe that having children is better than not having children for many reasons. To me it doesn’t matter the quantity of children, but rather, the quality of time spent with them that makes this option such a fortune. Many know that it is scientifically proven that spending time playing with children will likely decrease one’s level of anxiety or depression. Because of this known fact, I decided to delve deeper into this topic. After more research and scientific studies, sociologists and psychologists have confirmed that spending time with children, particularly engaging with one’s own, helps an adult see the world differently. Children’s minds are far more open and imaginative that those of adults. Being exposed to this for a long period of time could not only positively influence our minds, but positively influence our actions. When seeing these actions both in children and adults, I cannot help but sense a bit of a spark of hope.

It is obvious that this topic is controversial, especially among millennials. However, if we all stop having kids, how will the future of our planet improve? Will the number of young adults drop exponentially by the time we are elderly? We can live sustainably and this earth can host any amount of children we wish it to. It is simply up to us to make it happen. So consider not only the meaning and joy that children could bring to your life, but also the blessings children could give to our planet.



6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Kids




6 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be??

  1. Hi Erica! I’m glad you posted this blog because I was one of the people who responded and said I didn’t want to have children and I was surprised that more people didn’t say the opposite. I think having children is wonderful, for the reasons you stated and more, and I really hope that in the future maybe things on our planet will improve so that having some kind of limit like mentioned in class would allow people to have children and experience all of the great aspects of having a family. I just know for me, the idea of being responsible for another human and potentially bringing them into a world of uncertain future, makes me nervous. But I still completely respect why people would want to have children of their own.


  2. I agree with your post so much, having children around you makes you feel less stressed. I love teaching young children, they keep a smile on my face at all times, even on the worst days.
    Good Job
    Colleen Wilburn


  3. I agree with this completely. Although children can be a pain most of the time my mom always tells me that they are the best thing to ever happen to you.
    -Lauren Reinhard


  4. Erica,
    I think that this blog is extremely well written! Not only can children bring positive thinking to our lives, but also open up one’s mind to not being so narrow-minded and seeing different point of views. It may also help one to become more understanding and possibly nicer to the people around him or her.


  5. I do agree with your blog. It was very well put together and can be backed up. It is a person’s own choice to whether have a child or not, it is a huge responsibilities but has its rewards.
    – Tarah Klenk


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