Are you even ready for kids?


Over the past week we have had the discussion about should we bring kids into this world knowing our environmental value? I found this extremely interesting not even thinking that possibly if I was to have a kid he or she could possibly run out of “essentials” to have the “luxury life” that some of us have. What I mean by this is that our consumerism that we have as a whole today is very outrageous. We are buying and using more products than ever and are starting to take products and materials for other cultures i.e. wars. We Have the luxury of buying and receiving products, if we have the money of course, at the tip of our fingertips, through the click of a button, through the swipe of the card, ok you get it, right? So when asked if we wanted to consciously bring more kids into this world, it definitely threw me for a loop.

I was surprised by the different responses that we received. Some said it’s the wives decisions others said no. In my head I was thinking of course I want to start a family, I want the white picket fence, I want the 2 ½ kids and maybe a dog our two, in a nice suburban house, obviously when I’m ready right. But let’s take a look into the data.

“In a news report, the Urban Institute think tank writes that in 2012, there were only 948 births per 1,000 women in their 20s, “by far the slowest pace of any generation of young women in U.S. history.” In 2007, the rate was 1,118 births per 1,000. The decline in births was largest among Hispanic women, at 26 percent, followed by black women, at 14 percent, and an 11 percent drop for white women.”-Khazan

Studies are showing that Millennial women in their 20’s are not having kids at the rate of the past. The article goes on to state that Millennial women aren’t having kids at this age because they want to do things like enjoy life, as well as they do not want to have kids until marriage. I found this information extremely interesting because it reflects on the class conversation. We are the millennials and majority of the conversation was gender biased with women versus men. Guess we don’t have time for that?

“These results indicate that in the near future there will be at least a temporary drop in the number of very young children. This has implications for planning how many Head Start spots, vials of vaccine and, eventually, seats in classrooms we need. If these low birth rates to women in their twenties continue, without a commensurate increase in birth rates to older women, the U.S. might eventually face the type of generational imbalance that currently characterizes Japan and some European countries, but it is too early to predict or worry about that eventuality.” -Khazan




Shayla Ford Blog #5


3 thoughts on “Are you even ready for kids?

  1. Great post. If you want my opinion, the thought of having kids scares me. I have seen what having children does to people. They lose the ability to truly do what they want to do all the time. Losing that ability is hard. People get frustrated. It’s also costly in the financial department. Raising a child costs a lot of money. So you have to work more to have less free time. Scary. When it comes to a child taking from the environment, yes. A human will take a lot from the environment in their lifetime. Try not to contribute to the taking of the environment if you don’t have to and, especially if, you’re not ready to.

    Jensen Harris


  2. I find this blog very interesting. It is shocking to see that women in their 20’s are not having kids at the rate they used to. This says a lot about where the world is going and the thought process of people. This really shows that people are now thinking about our resources and know that they are very limited.


  3. Thanks for all the daunting facts. LOL. I can’t say that this information hinders nor motivates me into wanting children. I agree that this says a lot about where young women’s mindsets are, not on children. I personally could not imagine having a child in the next decade and even at that time who knows what the world will look like. Thanks for the great read!

    -Allison Johnson


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