Environmental Literacy Rising in Younger Generations?

We have been discussing the different environmental ideologies in class and reading about it in Communicating Nature. Even the more ‘environmentally-friendly’ people in our society (preservationists) are extremely Anthropo-centered. It is interesting to me to see how ideologies differ between generations. It seems that there is more emphasis put on the importance of the environment in academia.

Eco-literacy (Ecological Literacy) “is the ability to understand the natural systems that make life on earth possible.” Fortunately, many schools seem to be adopting a curriculum that explores this topic in more depth.


For example, many grade and high schools across San Francisco have been teaching their students more about recycling, reusing, composting, etc. The students are also learning about alternative energy sources.

One resource, from the Centre of Global Education, says it is important supply students with knowledge and skills but also with the ability to develop an attitude about these issues. The Development Education Review also discusses the problematic nature of how we interpret media. It suggest demonstrating the importance of respectfully questioning all texts the students are consuming.

We also talked in class about how inaccurate the media can be, often without consequences.

Do you think schools are doing enough to help children fully shape their thoughts about the environment? Are they encouraging them to question what they read adequately? Were you taught to fact-check texts you consume from the media?

-Chelsea Walters

P.S. Check out the second source – it is really interesting!



‘Eco-literacy’ woven into SF school curriculum



3 thoughts on “Environmental Literacy Rising in Younger Generations?

  1. i think there is definitely more that can be done but it is great what we are already teaching. I think one big area that needs to be taught more is recycling. While recycling has become more apparent in recent years, the US is still behind in recycling compared to other developed countries like Germany.


  2. I definitely agree that schools are becoming better at educating children about environmental issues and how to solve them than they did in the past. Our current generation is by far the most “eco-literate” yet. For example, i often hear my parents knowing little about environmental issues and discussing how they were never taught about “eco-literacy” while in school. However, since it is obvious that the state of our natural environment is not improving, I believe schools need to do a better job in educating children about these issues. They are definitely on the right track, but improvement is still needed.

    Very interesting post!

    Erica Bock


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