One Child Out of Style

In lecture the other day we were reflecting on whether or not people were wanting to have kids or not. That topic lead us to the point that China once had a one child policy and has switched that to a two child policy. I found this intriguing and figured it would be an interesting topic to approach and learn about and I really do feel it is very important to inform people who think a drastic population decrease would ever be an exceptable resort in correcting our current population over growth. As it turns out and aging society is not beneficial over time because people get to the point that they cannot work any longer and need to be able to retire but realistically there aren’t enough young people to economically support the aging society. There are also problems due to an imbalance in gender now. At the time of the one child policy a lot of girls were actually aborted because it is seen as more lucrative to have a boy who can work for the home and continue the family. Now they are beginning to see that there are too many males in comparison to females and that the females who are there usually move to the city to find work. This leaves lots of bachelors who do not even expect to ever have a girlfriend let alone a child. This in turn results in many children not being born today and many parents never expecting to become grandparents either. So now days China has switched over to a two child policy which I too feel will work a lot better in balancing out the overall population crisis they have economically fallen into. So this population growth experiment is seeming to hinder their economy so far and I feel as though they will have to keep experimenting further in order to know what magic number will work and the tricky part is that it will be an ever changing number due to a fluctuating economy. For more information I wanted to post a few video links on the topic that are interesting as well and may inspire you to reply on what you think as well. Is China moving in the right direction?

-Tymandra Amburgy-




5 thoughts on “One Child Out of Style

  1. I think China is moving in the right direction now because of the two child restriction. China is one of the only countries that has a limit on how many kids you can have so they are the guinea pigs. They will have to find that magic number of children to have to balance everything out and other countries can follow their tests and research to limit reproduction in their own countries.

    David Lehn


  2. It was troubling to see the Chinese society abort female babies because of their idea of continuing a family legacy with a son. But then again if we looking closely at China, it made a small amount of sense because much of the geography is somewhat uninhabitable causing a large compacting into cities. China’s over 1 billion population is something that has to be taken into consideration. Of course though the two child policy is a social statement that China does have the ability to compromise with its citizens.


  3. Population growth is a Major problem that we have deal with in the future. But perhaps having a one child policy isn’t the best way to solve it. It is good that china realized the problem and decided to do something about it. Maybe the 1 child policy wasn’t the best way to solve the problem, but at least they are making efforts to slow population growth and hopefully will find a solution in the future that works best for their country and society

    – Tom walters


  4. I understand the rising problems of the population growth and think certain things should be taken into consideration,however, I do not think that having a restriction on the number of children one can have in anyway is moving in the right direction. I do not think it is fair that if an unplanned pregnancy happened it would be okay to abort that child just because a specific law is in place.

    Kelly Woodward


  5. Do you think other countries could benefit from the one or two child policy? If so, why? I think the one child policy could have been more effective if there wasn’t such a negative stigma towards raising a girl.
    Overpopulation has been an ongoing problem across the globe. What is your theory on where this is going to take us?


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