Open Your Eyes People, get informed

Last week we were told to close our eyes, and to get into a deep meditative state, I felt as if this activity did a lot of “eye opening experiences” for me. I pictured what the majority of the class pictured, a more recent experience of being away from the city and surrounded by trees, hills or mountains. But to go into detail about what I was thinking about is when I visited my family in Corona, California in the summer. My cousin had just purchased a new four door black jeep and we went exploring in his jeep for hours. Bryan, my cousin, had drove away from the city and the over populated town he lives in to a hilly escape. The road had a trail that we just followed for hours and I saw the most beautiful sites that I could not see here in Cincinnati. It felt like a movie honestly. But back to the topic of the blog, I did not think about the future of the planet until our last class meeting. Our children’s children may not be able to experience the outdoors, camping, or any other experience that someone can be one on one with the Earth.

I am one of the people that take this beautiful planet for granite, and I can say that now from this past weeks class. When the definition of ideology was introduced to me I began to think about the things that not only me, but also everyone else does to our planet. Our decisions about recourses are just based on immediate human desires and not the long term effects our desires have on the planet. That’s why I am going to start thinking about the long-term effects that my choices will do on the earth and the ecosystems that also live here. No, I do not dump things into the river or litter plastic but others do and that’s why I believe people should be more informed and why they should listen to people who are into preservationism, another term we learned about in class. These people conserve resources for current an future use and also they see environment as a site of escape, beauty and therapy.

What I am trying to say without going into a huge rant, people should become more informed about our planet and the harm that we are doing to it. From exporting our industries and not making our country the one that’s doing all the damage but notice that everything humans are doing can harm our planet and to be more cautious on our actions because future generations may not be able to have the experiences that we all pictured in last weeks class, they may just picture cities and the over population that is going to happen.


3 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes People, get informed

  1. I really can relate to how you are feeling. I like how you said you are now going to be thinking about the long term affects of your decisions. I think a lot of people take our planet for granted and do not realize how sacred it is, and how we really do have limited resources.


  2. I don’t think people being misinformed or uninformed is our only problem. People don’t see a reason to be informed about these things because they can’t see past their generation. How can we change this?


  3. I think it is easy to accuse people of being misinformed when we don’t consider the settings in which we were informed of our influence on the logevity of out planet. There are a plethora of barriers that hinder people from being more environmentially conscious. There are also many cases where people thouroughly understand the effects of their actions, but are unable to make the necessary adjustments. If we are going to urge the population to become more informed, we should also offer realistic plans for intervention.


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