planet-earth-2-full-trailer-01The wait is over! If anyone is a fan of nature and natures beauty and the majestic animals that we share this earth with then I’m guessing your a fan of the discovery channel series Planet Earth. And if you are a fan then you most likely heard the news already.  They are finally getting ready to release Planet Earth 2. It has been nearly a decade since we were first blessed with Planet Earth in 2006. It took five years for them to complete the first series so it being ten years later I cant even imagine what kinds of things they have documented.  On the topic of conservation and preservation I think that those are to things we can expect to be mentioned in the series. I expect them to document and compare some changes that the filmmakers have noticed happening in the environments since the first documentary. I expect them to show changes in locations such as in the amazon rain forest, because of how much work is being promoted to try and conserve and preserve the rain forest I hope they can show us if any of the work is helping or isn’t having a impact thus the need for more action. I plan on seeing a drastic change to some of the populations of the animals they document. Animals such as the polar bears. In the last episode they had with them we witnesses a mother and two cubs struggling to survive. Again I would like to see if animals such as the polar bears are still struggling or if there has been any progress in the conservation of the species. Some things I’m especially exited for in the second series is that it is filmed in ultra high definition to make sure the viewers are able to observe every breathtaking detail of what they are documenting. They have not set a date for the release of the sequel but, they have left us with a already breathtaking trailer. In the tailor we see that we are going to witness some new environments and species including a sloth, a grizzly bear, and co-mono dragon.


-claire greve


3 thoughts on “PLANET EARTH II!

  1. Yes I absolutely love Planet Earth and I’m glad to see someone as enthusiastic about it as I am! Great things take time so I’m sure it’s going to be worth the wait. I’m also really excited to see what each episode is going to be about!

    Victoria Obermeyer


  2. Elizabeth Mullett
    I actually did not hear about this! I loved watching planet earth and anything about wildlife and nature growing up so this is great! I feel like more people should watch these documentaries because of how reliable they are. Its ridiculous how shows have changed in order to boost their ratings, I mean Animal Planet used to be about learning about animals but now it has stuff like “Treehouse Masters” and “Tanked.” And the discovery channel is more about people ruffing it in the wild and building muscle cars!


  3. Planet Earth 2 is going to be awesome! I can’t wait! But it would also be very interesting like you said, if they give us some information on how the earth is doing. How the populations have changed in the last 10 years. If we need to change our conservation efforts and how we have effected the Earth. Also the ultra High definition sounds so cool!

    – Tom walters


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