Raising a Child is Expensive

In class, we talked about whether it’s logical to have children or not. Well, my answer to that question is definitely not any time soon. To raise your child, it now costs about $250k. That’s way more money than I’m prepared to pay right now. I have trouble keeping up with my own expensive habits, how could I ever care for a child?

Not only does the typical human take from the Earth and essentially age the environment, it causes a lot of stress in the daily life of society, whether it’s stressing the parents or some sort of public institution. A woman in the article states that her child’s daycare is almost as expensive as her mortgage. Can you imagine that? I can’t even picture having mortgage right now not to mention having double mortgage just to have a daycare for my child. A child that I didn’t even have to have. Especially early in life.

A quarter of a million dollars. Can you picture that? Do you think that you need to have a child to get motivated to earn that over the course of 18 years? No. Imagine earning that money and being able to spend it on whatever you wanted. You could buy a huge house or an awesome boat. Whatever you wanted. That’s just by not having a child. Something that will stress you out anyway.

If you don’t earn enough money to support your child, your child will also take from taxpayer money at some point. If they want to go to college they will get more grants, if they can’t eat off of your salary you’ll have to get food stamps, they will have to receive donations, etc. This will cause others to work harder because of your inability to bear children.

Having a child when you’re ready is truly your choice and I would never take that choice away from anyone. I believe that we are on the earth with natural urges to reproduce. Species reproduce to stay alive. I would just ask people to be cautious of whether they’re ready enough for that challenge. Your kid is going to take from society and nature. Are you ready to help with that? Will you keep them in check?

Our species has been overdoing it for years. We have all kinds of children and we forget that we already have enough people in the world. Our planet is overpopulated. There’s so many children who are left uncared for and we keep having more and more. We have to slow down and be responsible.

Source: http://money.cnn.com/2014/08/18/pf/child-cost/

Jensen Harris


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