Religion May be the Key for Humanity’s Future Expansion into Space

By Ethan Whiteford

Article link:

Since it’s been more than 40 years since we have stepped onto a planetary body other than our own, there has been little motivation to do much of anything space-related. However, religion may just be the new motivational force according to some experts. Last month, Washington D.C. held the annual Mars Society convention, where various experts talked about reasons humans have explored outer space, including religious and social motivators.Paul Levinson, a science fiction writer and professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University, suggests that we should take the idea of interrelationship of religion and space travel further. He also noted the lack of motivation for spaceflight since the 70s citing that “we had already beat the Soviets” and that “science is a weak motivation.” He also went on to say that the SpaceX program has had some success, but doesn’t see a fleet of spaceships travelling beyond the solar system. This led to him think that a religious motivation, based on wonder, might be the way to go.

This relates to class because we talked about science and religious faith, and how they affect each other. I found this article to be really interesting as it somewhat bridges the gap between the extremes of both sides. I also never really thought of religion being a motivational factor for space travel. I mostly chose this article to write about this week as it shows that science and religious faith aren’t quite polar opposites of each other as one might think.


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