Science and Catholics

Last week I found the discussion about science in the private catholic schools very interesting, especially since I attended private catholic schools until college. During this discussion I found it very odd that some private catholic schools did not integrate known scientific findings such as evolution in there curriculum. During my twelve years of private school there was not one time evolution was every denied and I found that my science education was very well rounded in the private science education. This being said, the private schools I attended were Roman Catholic private schools, maybe this had something to do with it. Or maybe there has been a misnomer about Catholics being in the science field. In 2014 Pope Francis, the current Pope, came out and said there is no reason to not believe in evolution and that evolution is in fact not inconsistent with the notion that God created the universe. Over the past thousand years there have also been many well known Catholic scientist that have led to great findings in science. Some of the better known ones include Leonardo da Vinci, Saint Albert Magnus, and Mendel. Also in today’s Catholic church there are many priest that are scientist. With this, a majority of about 51 percent of scientist today believe in God or a spiritual higher power. While this is low compared to the general public, it shows that science and religion can, and have been coexisting for a long time. In the subject of Global Climate change, which is a scientific theory, 64 percent of Catholics are worried about global warming and believe/think something should be done. This is a much higher percent of people believing in global warming than even the general american public where about 56 percent believe in global warming. With these examples it could easily be said that Catholics, or just Roman Catholics, believe in science and participate in the science community but this could be just my own little experience. Maybe I got lucky while attending private catholic schools that believed in the importance of science or maybe this type of experience is more prevalent than not. Maybe no one reports on science in catholic schools but instead focuses on the bad or schools, that for example, deny evolution. I truly don’t know but if I were in the news media a story about idiots denying evolution would seem like a much greater story than a story about a catholic school educating kids in science.

By: Edwin Doll

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Scientists and Belief

American Catholics Worry About Global Warming and Support U.S. Action


5 thoughts on “Science and Catholics

  1. I went to a catholic school for 12 years as well. We were always taught “evolution by design” – all the principles of evolution but just that God oversaw everything. Though I do specifically remember a few students who would try to challenge the teacher or would still say they don’t believe the teacher because of what the bible says.

    -Katie McNulty


  2. See I might have only gone to catholic private school for 6 years but I had a different experience. Evolution was not talked about and was frowned upon of brought up. We were heavily thought about the story of Adam and Eve. Honestly glad I transferred to a public school or else im afraid I would have grown up much more closed minded.
    -Claire Greve


  3. I thought the graphs you have at the end of the post are really interesting. Especially the global warming one because I feel like people generally associate Catholics to not believing global warming. I was more shocked at 56% of Americans are worried about it. You would think that much more attention would be put on this issue if over half the population was concerned. I think this shows how oil companies have a big impact in the government and not allowing global warming and climate change to be talked about.

    Jacob Fischer


  4. I also attended Catholic school from first through twelfth grade and evolution was always discussed in both religion and sciences classes and science and religion were always intertwined. On the subject of religion and science, the church I attend, St. Monica St. George just put in around 150 solar panels to help our environment!


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