Conforming to be aesthetic by:Traci Alig

In this past week, we talked about the “Bliss” picture taken by Charles O’Rear, which is used on various Windows PC backgrounds. In class, we discussed how this picture on PC backgrounds looks much unlike the initial picture taken. The picture on PCs contrasts quite a bit from the unedited picture itself because it is exceedingly edited to make the aspects of the picture more vivid. The colors of the picture are edited to look brighter and more jovial. Some of my peers said that this may be done to help one feel happier and less stressed while doing his or her work. They also said that it is used as a sort of meditating landscape, something that is very pleasing to the eye. We learned that the actual place of this picture is a severely dangerous road considering there have been an enormous amount of car crashes on the road alongside this field. This picture is displayed to us through a Windows PC to provoke a positive emotion with nature, yet, the picture is hardly realistic.

Original picture taken by Charles O’Rear compared to edited version:

Image result for unedited bliss picture on windows PC Image result for unedited bliss picture on windows PC

Many things in society are displayed aesthetically to us as young children. For example, in cartoons nature is constantly displayed as this colorful, vibrant place, when in fact, nature is most likely not as vibrant as shown in cartoons. In cartoons, the world is displayed as this safe place where we are seemingly immortal. This leaves children to their imaginations and helps protect their minds. Protecting their minds leads to viewing the world differently than it really is and brings out positive thoughts about the outside world.



2 thoughts on “Conforming to be aesthetic by:Traci Alig

  1. Interesting perspective on the situation. I certainly agree there is a major issue with feeding children fake information when they are at a young impressionable age. With cartoons and such I find they have such unreal perceptions of nature, how to relate to it, and the world. You mentioned nature such as the picture, a perfectly edited field. I also am reminded of cartoons where humans and animals interact or humans act a certain way and children seem so confused when real animals are different.

    ~Asha Brogan


  2. I agree with you Traci about the impression these enhancements can have on younger children and I do not think its a bad thing. As you said, “Protecting their minds leads to viewing the world differently than it really is and brings out positive thoughts about the outside world”, which is a good thing. There are so many negative things in the world that you find out as you mature that I think it’s a good way for children to feel safe and stay creative while they are young.

    Kelly Woodward


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