American waste and how we can help

In class we discussed just how Americans are some of the most wasteful people on this planet despite the constant  effort to change that. I have just decided to look into some simple changes that we as Americans can make to our everyday life besides the obvious ones like using reusable water bottles and reusable grocery bags. One very simple step you can take is when you are going out to the store or the mall before you decide to purchase something you should think to yourself ” do I need a new one or can I make due with the one I already have” or ” is this really something I need”.  By doing this simple step it can help reduce the amount of waste because you are not buying more stuff to waste. Try to make sure that when you are buying items they are recyclable. You can tell if a item is recyclable if it has one of the recyclable symbols on it.   You should do your research on some of there symbols though because there are many different symbols that mean different things.Another super simple step is to go paperless. Try not to use paper for things and resort to you computer for taking notes and writing other documents. Borrow, lend, and reuse. If you are in need of something that you really only think you will use the one time you need to use it, you should try to ask around first to see of anyone else can lend you it. Things such as books, gardening tools, movies, can all be easily borrowed. The next easy step can contribute to the using less paper step. Stop the junk mail. All that unnecessary paper being sent to you house that you throw away can be stopped by a phone call or a webpage visit.

-Claire Greve


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