Before the Flood

In case you already didn’t know, Leonardo Dicaprio’s film Before the Flood premiered this weekend on National Geographic.  It is also available on Youtube (yes the whole thing):

If you haven’t already seen I recommend checking it out.  Fair warning, it is a pretty depressing film for almost the whole time, but near the end, they get a bit more positive and tell you what you can do to change things.  But if you want to see something really depressing just read the comments below the people.  Even though there are a lot of people saying positive things, there are a lot of people denying climate change.  People saying it is Leo’s best performance, that it is liberal propaganda.

It also touches on a lot of different aspects of climate change, from showing how it is affecting our planet currently, to how it is projected to affecting our planet in the future.  It touches on the meat industry, palm oil, and other various issues.  It covers what most climate change documentaries already has but it was also really well produced and of course having a huge celebrity host it brings in a lot of attention from people who might not be viewing it before.

The fact that they also made it available online for free really shows that they’re trying to promote awareness and hopefully more people give it a chance.


Victoria Obermeyer


2 thoughts on “Before the Flood

  1. I am looking forward to seeing this film, I have been too busy to watch it recently but hopefully i’ll have time soon. It is extremely important that people know what is going on in the world and how humans have affected the environment and maybe having a big shot celebrity create a free movie on Youtube may be a great way of educating the most people.

    -Tom Walters


  2. WOW! Thank you, I have been wanting to watch this and now know what I’ll be doing tonight. There will always be a depressing stigmatism when it comes to film, research, ect. that focuses on the destruction we as humans both conflict and endure on ourselves and others. Personally, it took me a long time to “get around” to watching films like, Food, Inc., Gasland and More than Honey. It’s easy not to want to view something that typically makes you feel helpless when faced with a colossal issue. Thanks for the read and link.

    -Allison Johnson


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