Consumer Conundrum


In class we discussed Max Weber and his theory that stated that as humans we have a god given right to consume. I found this to be a very interesting theory and wondered what others thought of this take on consumerism. Since we are living in a capitalist society and in times of environmental degradation I feel that this belief is a good one to question for us all. I personally must say I don not believe are here just to consume. I feel we are more creators than consumers but now days those two are going hand in hand as the world sees more and more creation up for consumption. It has gotten to the point now that it seems we are not just creating for fun or efficiency but are now creating more products just to replace existing products with something that will inevitably just be replaced as well. Honestly I can understand the need for a new phone at times but in general to need an updated phone every year or two is a little too much in my opinion. What’s worse is the fat that people see this annual product replacement as a norm in our modern day society and that will only lead us to all over consume and in turn waste products and contribute more waste materials to an already overloaded planet. I watched a video that sums this all up pretty nicely talking about the fact that we are like children playing with our toys a short while only to throw them away and expect to get more. What do you all think? Is consumption a right or a bad habit?

-Tymandra Amburgy-



One thought on “Consumer Conundrum

  1. Wow great clip. Honestly disgusted by some of those images. Totally agree with you on that product replacement statement. People need to realize that our devises last a lot longer than our two year upgrade plans.
    -claire greve


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