Health of the Animal

This past week in class there were so many interesting topics that were covered. What i found interesting was all of the different types on Ecological ides there are. The one that I fond that was most interesting to me was the Ethics and Values Ideologies. There are many organization in this country that fight for animal  rights. the one that is most popular in PETA. PETA fights for the rights of animals that they believe are being miss treated< which let’s be honest they think every animal  is being miss treated. At times they are a little heavy handed  and over dramatic, but they make their point very clear. PETA is a perfect example of a group that only cares about the well being on animals and not the environmental. On the other had there are groups that are only concerned with the protection of the environment. Back to the point of the animals, animal shelters are only concerned about the care of their animals they have, that’s why they are big on the saying “adopt don’t shop” which was discussed in class. To me the right and safety of every animal is important, and if a person cant care for a pet they shouldn’t have one. As humans it is our responsibility to care for these animals  to be their voices when they are hurting, to give the what they need to be happy. We get so busy in our own personal lives that sometimes we forget to care for the four legged friend that loves us with all of their harts, caring for them should be out top priorities, I think a lot of people sometimes forget that they aren’t self sufficient like a human is, which means they need extra care and attention

Colleen Wilbun


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