Keep Shopping. But Not Too Much.


After the events of 9/11 President Bush had given advice to the American people to go out and go shopping. His intentions for this advice was the idea that we, as a country, did not destroy ourselves and our economy from the inside out. If we would have stopped the producer and consumer circle the terrorist would have won in many different aspects beyond taking down our Twin Towers and all of the physical and emotional damage that came with it. This shows that each individual plays a role and has a duty to be an active consumer, but is there such thing as too much consumption? Can this actually be damaging for not necessarily our economy but for our relationships, environment, self-control, and other extremely important details that makeup our lives? 

It is obvious that too little of consumption can have extreme, negative results. Aside from too little, in my opinion, we are also seeing that too much consumption can do the same. By becoming obsessed with consumptions, we lose self-control. Instead of having an iPhone 5S or 5C, people feel obligated to go out and buy the newest, shiniest gadget. This can go beyond electronics, flowing into things such as fashion. When self-control with shopping is lost, it can have many effects. Such as, relationships with family or partners. This can cause conflict through arguments and disagreements over money.Is it worth  On the other hand, it can damage our environment, destroying the world around us one tree and one landfill at a time. Is this worth it?
Is buying the newest style or electronic really important enough to risk basic parts and necessities of our lives? Some may say yes, but many will probably agree that preserving these things are vital and should be in just as high of a rank.
-Josie Silvey

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