The Buying Cycle


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Last week during class we talked about America’s endless cycle of buying products for happiness. While talking about this and watching the video explaining this cycle I began to think about my last big purchase. My last big purchase was a TV and during the time of purchasing the TV it was very exciting. As a few hours passed, this excitement was gone and life went on. This is true with many of the purchases that I make. There is a brief period of excitement and happiness, then life moves on. The thing is, I am always looking forward to making another big purchase somewhere down the road. I save my money for months and then I find myself buying something.

For most people in America this is very normal and not something that would bring much attention. But as in class last week when I began to realize this endless cycle and insanity. I became conscious of this “problem” and began to reevaluate my purchases. As I was walking home after class. Many thoughts were going through my head and the biggest thought was that I need to just be happy with what I have. Appreciate the things that I have, focus on not what others have or are buying, but focus on myself and loved ones. Life experiences not objects and things. Once I became at peace with this idea, I have been so much happier and life has been much easier.

The problem with our society today in America is that everyone is looking at their neighbors and what they have instead of focusing on what they have right in front of them. While striving for greater objects in life isn’t always bad, it can become detrimental if it becomes an obsession, which it has in America. Now there are probably many factors that weigh into this obsession but one key factor stands out. Advertisements, the main driving force of this obsession has to be advertisements. This was discussed in class last week and I truly believe it is a major aspect of the problem. If someone is exposed to 3,000 advertisements in a day, of course some of them are going to have an influence. Advertisements are always using some angel to get you to buy products, its in their design. So maybe some advertisements don’t affect you but eventually a few will. Its just impossible for them not to with the sheer numbers of exposure. If somehow this could be limited I feel as if people would become much happier. With this being said much more could be done and I hope that one day many more people will wake up to this buying obsession as I have.

By: Edwin Doll



One thought on “The Buying Cycle

  1. I really liked this blog because even though people don’t know it they always want whatever the next best thing is and the cycle is never ending. I never realized it either oil we watched that video in class.
    Lauren Reinhard


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