The Green Text Message

“I don’t want to be the guy with the green text messages.” Technology changes so fast that it seems like as soon as you get that new phone or computer, it is already obsolete. You can’t update it to run on the new operating system or even something as simple as the color of text messages changing and not wanting to be different from everyone else. We are constantly needing to change our devices because they just become unusable or we become embarrassed of them.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is an amazing thing and we should always keep on improving and creating new and faster technology, but is there a way that we can upgrade our current devices to keep them out of a landfill? My Mac that I am using today cost me almost a month of pay. That is a lot of money that most people can’t afford and they have to throw away after a few years of use.

Also there is the problem of companies producing products with planned obsolescence so just a year or so after your warranty, you will have to buy a new product from them. A lot of times, it might be cheaper to just buy a whole new product than to fix your old product. Because of this, Dumps are filled with old broken technology. A lot of our old products are shipped overseas because it is cheaper than recycling them. And if the products are recycled, it can actually be another source of pollution. The best way to solve this problem would be if companies could refurbish old cell phones, computers, and tablets and make them run just as well if they were brand new. This is easier said than done. But it is better than having giant mounds of old technology that people spent their hard earned money on.





By: Tom Walters


4 thoughts on “The Green Text Message

  1. I like how you mentioned the option of recycling from modern technology. If more people knew about this option I feel like people would do that instead of just “throwing away” their old desktops or unwanted or outdated items.


  2. I agree that we should keep improving and creating and agree that the waste of these items is an issue. People need to realize that they should not feel the need to have brand new items constantly. If people didn’t live with such wasteful norms I feel that everyone would benefit including the environment as well. My phone is a little old now and i am still surviving somehow which gives me faith that others can too.
    -Tymandra Amburgy-


  3. Again like I said in another comment, people should realize our devises last a lot longer than our every two year upgrades. But I feel like we do have the way of keeping our older model phones in use longer and getting the new technology at the same time. Simply just update the software.
    -claire greve


  4. I definitely agree with everyone else here. The reason for this constant upgrading and this constant need to getting the new piece of technology is pretty stupid. But like the guy who doesn’t want to be the green text message guy, we don’t want to be the person out of the trend. Some of us don’t care about new trends or devices, but the general populace is so the majority will still influence the masses.


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