Your action is necessary for … human survival


I recently watched the documentary Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio, a documentary about climate change. I highly suggest everyone to watch this as it relates heavily to what we’ve been talking about in class and at the same time extremely empowering- with statistics, facts, and different perceptions that cover one of the biggest crises humans have ever faced.

With all of this understanding and knowledge of green capitalism, buyospheres, landscapes as a social construction, disneyfication, and so on and so forth why hasn’t there been anything done to focus on changing these habits and learned behaviors. We’re confronted with scientifically proven evidence of how detrimental these ways of living are to ourselves, and pretty much everything else on the Earth including Earth itself. And not only do we have evidence that supports this fact but we also have been given several solutions from several different sources of how easily we could fix this problem. For starters just eating less meat and dairy can go a long way, as animal agriculture is biggest contributor to climate change. A staggering 51% actually compared to the 13% that all transportation combined emits. Another solution is moving from the burning of fossil fuels to renewable energy like solar, wind, and kinetic energy from the ocean. You may or may not have heard these solutions before but at any rate think that these are unrealistic or not viable enough, and this is where it becomes obvious as to who has done their research and who has not. And I say this with no intent of personal attack or what might have you, it’s just the truth. The only, and I truly mean only, reason as to why we haven’t fixed major issues we see throughout the world like climate change is because one: people do not have enough knowledge (even though most have it all at their finger tips) and this leads to not caring and two: fake entities (corporations) only care about short term gratification that benefits their egotistic motives, which causes drastic measures to be taken to ensure the public is satisfied, so that we as a majority continue buying their product.

If you think about all the destruction, child labor, and other devastating action that has occurred by corporations, it has all come about through means of pleasing the masses that live in more developed countries. Without every individual and their actions like compulsive buying and need for instant gratification there would be no people for the corporations to benefit off of. I believe the more aware we are of this and the more knowledge we obtain the more will start to see change on a grander level, as norms develop overtime, a more peaceful, unmaterialistic, and compassionate norm we’ll start to develop with individuals taking initiative to change old habits and selfish thinking patterns.

– Jaiden Deal





3 thoughts on “Your action is necessary for … human survival

  1. This is a wonderfully written article! You touch on a point I also mention in my article. One of the biggest problems we are currently facing is having to deal with corporations who have just about done anything they want to make a profit. When they are building their companies and making decisions, one of the things most companies have chosen to neglect is treating our environment with care because it’s cheaper not to. Do you think that this is something that will ever change?

    Halle Van De Hey


    • I do believe so! I always try to be optimistic, but I really think change can happen because I’ve seen it in myself and I know if I can do it anyone else can. Also just like anything else the more people do something the more that follow so once more and more people are aware of this and start to consume less it’ll influence others to consume less and then it will just quantify like crazy. I like the analogy of how one apple tree doesn’t grow one other apple tree it can grow thousands of apple trees, we live on a planet of abundance including ourselves thats why we see the things happening today because it somehow started with one person along time ago.


  2. I actually wrote a paper for my Intermediate Composition class about Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech at the UN Summit in Paris because I thought he did a stupendous job in wording how we need climate action. And he’s kept up with it ever since, which I love. It proves he’s not simply doing it for attention, his Instagram feed for past multiple months have been nothing but environmental issues and how to help. I think having a well known famous actor and celebrity talking about and making this movie, which is free by the way, is an excellent way of getting the conversation about the environment into the media and into the public mind.
    Elizabeth Mullett


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