From Waste to Wonder

For blog 7 this week I know exactly what I want to share with you all. So we have been talking about conservationism as well as green image ads and environmental advocacy ads and that made me think of what better ways to recycle their could be as well as what impact these ads were having on others. Were there other people inspired to find ways to truly be less wasteful. While I didn’t find a surge of people boasting about the plant content within their water bottles I did find something a bit more interesting in the end. In fact I came across not one but two different genius people who have managed to turn waste to wonder. There are a total of three videos I wanted to share and discuss with you. I will of course include all of the videos themselves.

Video #1 was posted by “Coolest Thing” which is a segment dedicated to showing the coolest things people have created. In the video we meet Richart Sowa who is a man living on an island that is made of trash literally it floats on it and acts as the general support frame.

Video #2 was posted by Rose Robin and goes a little more in depth with him on how the island works. Basically water bottles are everywhere acting as a life raft of sorts and the there is a layer of wood and earth placed down and then another layer of trash and more earth and even full trees where roots help to hold together the rafts frame work. He called it “layered like a lasagna” and when the producer asked how long the bottles had before they degraded and he mentioned the fact that they breakdown by sunlight so since they are shaded they could last a very long time. In this video he also mentions his idea for floating islands that fly using the power of a harnessed hurricane so there’s that.



Video #3 was posted by Kirsten Dirksen and is another genius take on turning waste into something wonderful. This place was in fact created by items that would have normally ended up in the waste bend. Tom Duke had the idea to build something called an earth ship once he moved to the New Mexican desert. Now he is working on building an entire neighborhood. These homes are made with all recycled materials and still look amazing. He uses tires, bottles, and cans to construct them and they all are very green movement forward. He explains the four uses for water and shows off the indoor banana trees. He explains it all and at one point he even describes that he would like to think of the house as alive because it breathes and that will make sense once you see it but either way very smart guy.


As you can see these guys may be extreme but they are genius. How far would some of you be willing to go or should we say how many uses for water can you think of. This may be a little too extreme for me right now personally but I really do feel that it is some type of future housing possibility due to its sustainability and character. Who knows maybe one day people will all be living in earth ships and find our homes to be ridiculous, either way its clear to see that people are using their awareness to lessen there own impact on the environment all while coming away with a pretty sweet home in the end too. So what do you think are you planning your earth ship yet?

-Tymandra Amburgy-

( hyperlinked in videos)




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