Garbage Patch: Who’s To Blame?

    garbageI find it humorous how Americans try to appear as eco-friendly as they possibly can, but refuse to put forth an effort to stay clean when called into action. I don’t just mean recycling, but picking up garbage, reusing products, limiting plastic use, etc. What’s even worse is that individuals in society will shame each other for littering or not recycling, but won’t reciprocate and continue to litter when no one is looking. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the sides of the streets around campus. Notice little bits of trash scattered around the curbs of the road? See all those bottles? There’s no way that trash didn’t come out of thin air.

    We learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in class recently. I figured that this couldn’t be a more perfect example of what happens when we refuse to take action against safe waste disposal. The video we watched in class stated that a great amount of the trash came from residents near the Pacific. So much trash has built up in the patch throughout the years, and it’s really starting to take a toll on the aquatic life. What we don’t realize is that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is just an even bigger representation of how we tend to stray away from carrying out our environmental responsibilities.

    A National Geographic Article (link below) states that, “Because the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is so far from any country’s coastline, no nation will take responsibility or provide the funding to clean it up.” More information states that Charles Moore, the man who discovered the patch, says that cleaning the patch could even lead to a single country into going bankrupt. The only way to resolve any problem related to this huge patch of garbage is to just keep it from growing. It is currently near impossible to try and clean it on our own as a nation.

    Now obviously the trash and litter are the main contributors to creating this monstrosity of oceanic garbage, but those aren’t the only contributors. The fact is that nobody seems to be doing anything to clean it up, playing the “blame game” against other contributions. This sounds very similar to the concept I mentioned at the beginning of this very blog. We need to stop blaming others and start acting ourselves, because a big change leads to even bigger affects. Maybe if we all stopped littering, the garbage patch would stop growing, but first everyone needs to make a significant environmental change.

Andrew Ebding




3 thoughts on “Garbage Patch: Who’s To Blame?

  1. I agree that there are a lot of people who shame others about littering but continue to do it every so often themselves, but I don’t believe that is as many people as we may believe. I think that the world does still have good, environmental friendly people out there willing to help, just not nearly as many as the world needs. I think that something such as this case is way out of those few peoples control. Without more support it is almost impossible to get higher powers listening, especially when it is going to cost them money. Great Blog.

    -Josie Silvey


  2. I definitely agree that there needs to be a stop to all this blaming on who should be responsible. The planet is an international subject that needs to be taken care of by all nations. But when it comes down to it, governments are businesses and committing to something like this would give no benefits. Lie Josie said though, there are plenty of people who would want to do something about this huge issue, but it is difficult to do it ourselves as we aren’t strong enough financial or socially. This is when the government comes into play but they obviously want nothing to do with it. Awesome Blog.

    Usamah Ali


  3. The quote that you included from NatGeo really struck me: “no country will take responsibility.” In some way that outlines what is wrong with the world and humanity in general. As a global population of billions of people and hundreds of nations, not one single person will take the initiative to take responsibility. if one nation could get behind it, others may follow. But the unwillingness of the global population to take care of the mess that they’ve made on a planet that is literally dying encapsulates what is selfish and wrong in the human population. This post was so insightful.

    Mikayla Hounchell


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