Green Advertising

By Asha Brogan

Last week’s discussion and reading on Advertising made me think of this priceless clip from the popular comedy show Parks and Recreation, if you haven’t seen it take the 1:47 to do so. The clip features the Pawnee Farmer’s market’s latest vender a man selling chard, While on the surface the clip is a funny “pawnee” moment I think it shows the issues with advertising green products. They are completely pushed toward a young athletic and affluent audience. A group of people who goes hiking and and already eats healthy foods. In other words the audience is already there and easily presented as green to those people who will snap up the latest green products.

The situation that this clip shows is the hardship of trying to advertise “green” products to a non “green” audience. In a way the sexual advertisements of chard in the clip can be classified as a “green product attributes” because it is advertising a so called environmentally friendly health concious product, but instead of aiming for an audience prepped to receive the product the vendor has to go into the commonly used, albeit not  family friendly use of sex to sell a product. I can’t imagine this is a common strategy used environmental ads (clearly more significant then chard), but wonder what advertising strategies can and will be used to convince a non-empathetic audience of the benefits of environmental practices.


6 thoughts on “Green Advertising

  1. Thanks for posting on this interesting topic. I thought it was really funny. It does make a good point on the fact that advertisers are desperate to spread their word and it highlights the fact that we are all wondering just how far they truly will go to achieve their goal. Very funny clip and topic to reply to so thanks for the post.


  2. Your blog post ties in humor on a topic that is relatable. Also, it goes hand in hand with some of the examples of advertisements from class we were given.


  3. I love parks and Rec! so funny! Companies try so many different advertisement techniques. Hopefully in the near future companies will find a way to get people to buy green products and live a green life style in the near future. Hopefully they find a tactic thats different from the chard’s salesman’s technique!

    Tom walters


  4. I clicked on this because I love parks and rec! I agree that this directly related to what we were shown in class.
    Lauren Reinhard


  5. I found this blog very interesting and funny! You made a good point and it is extremely interesting how far some companies will go and what directions they will take their advertising to get the consumers to buy the product.

    Kelly Woodward


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