Key Ingredients to Being 1 of the 12

adThink of how many advertising logos you see a day, really try to think about it. It doesn’t matter if you think really really hard or just barely at all because either way, you will remember roughly the same amount. This amount that you can recall is only a very small fraction of all the advertising logos that you had come across in that given day. To be more detailed, you see roughly 3,000 a day, register 80, and only remember 12 of them. That’s insane! I wonder why this is.

It’s not a tough question to answer when you take into perspective how many different advertisements your eyes come in contact with each and every day. Whether you notice or not, almost every piece of clothing, every object, car, restaurant, and almost everything else has some type of advertisement to it. That is a lot of little details for the mind to not only notice but to pick up on and remember.

n advertisement, to be successful is be be noticed and to draw people in. So what makes a successful advertisement or logo? Experts agree that there are “key ingredients” when it comes to how they are designed in order to be successful. Some of these ingredients include simplicity, and should be relatable, memorable, unique, appropriate, and definitely timeless. Simplicity will help to to keep people interested by not being too complex and making sure the people can make sense of the ad. Relatable helps a person to connect on a more personal level, memorable allows a person to think back on the advertisement that’s being displayed, and unique keeps it separate in one’s mind from all the others that the mind sees. Lastly, being timeless helps to make the product travel from generation to generation without changing, and therefore creating a consistent image for itself. Take McDonald’s and Arby’s for example, each have a slogan. Many more people could recite the McDonald’s slogan of “ba da ba ba ba im lovin it” as compared to Arby’s “we have the meats.” Another example would be the symbols of two different phone brands, apple and droid. The white apple symbol is much more widely known when compared to the green guy that droid has. There is an infamous amount of things that could be compared and many will run across some that are well known and some they may not even know. Although, an advertisement doesn’t depend on going viral in order to be successful. Many different advertisements are intended to reach different crowds, and as long as that goal is accomplished, it can lead the success.  Advertisement is, in a way, a hit or miss thing and can really make or break a product, it’s a tough and forever changing business to keep up with.

By: Josie Silvey



3 thoughts on “Key Ingredients to Being 1 of the 12

  1. After we learned that only 12 of the advertisements we see are actually registered out of the 3000 that hit our eye each day, I wanted to see if I could potentially count the exact amount and remember each add that came by me. It was almost impossible, so I wondered how certain advertisements are attracted to us. You’re completely right, simplicity, attractiveness, and timeliness are all a huge part of noticing an advertisement.

    Andrew Ebding

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  2. Advertising is definitely a evolving business that gets tougher and tougher because of the fact that once someone thinks of something unique, it will be replicated and copied to death. I do think though that the simplicity and emotional connections in advertisements is something that, while used a lot, is something that can never get stall because it always affects use even if we don’t notice it.

    Usamah Ali


  3. Aesthetics and impact fulness are also something that companies have to consider. I think that a successful advertisement should leave you thinking. You could be thinking about a multitude of things after that advertisement but if you’re left wondering “what would that taste like” or “what would that look like on me” I think that the company has done something right. Of the 3,000 we see in a day I also think that the company should aspire to have that mindset of being one of the 12 we remember.

    Mikayla Hounchell


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