World’s largest disaster by:Traci Alig

In this past week, we were shown the world’s largest disaster which was the Union Carbide incident in Bhopal, India. This disaster consisted of the release of toxins from UCIL facility tanks into the drinking water. During December 2, 1984, water entered a side pipe following into one of the tanks. These tanks contained MIC (methyl isocyanate), a highly toxic chemical. The impacts of this toxin being exposed to the drinking water and air in Bhopal are detrimental. Women who are pregnant and have a child after consuming this toxin will result in their child having retardation, deformities, and even death. These are only some of the effects of this toxin. After this toxin was found to be causing these appalling effects on the people of Bhopal, not only did the UCIL factories do nothing about it, they denied it. The political people of Bhopal also denied this fact, which ultimately led to nothing being done about his disaster.

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My reaction to this is, how in the world do we have many laws implemented to “keep us safe”, yet when something like this happens, the industry gets to be in denial while several people are being killed off, just to maintain a good image. The individuals of Bhopal whom obtain the power to do something, i.e.political figures, believed the industrial workers of the UCIL business instead of actually going into investigation to put a stop to this disaster in Bhopal. I don’t believe this was the UCIL factory’s fault, and I don’t believe that this business should be punished for this incident. However, I do believe that since the business was in denial for so long about this incident, that they should be punished for that. At this point in time, I do realize that the clearing of the toxin from the water and air is put into affect. I do not agree that, while the UCIL industry decided to deny this incident and many children/people were still being affected or even killed by this toxin, they should not have some sort of punishment for this action.



2 thoughts on “World’s largest disaster by:Traci Alig

  1. I agree something really needs to be done about this incident. This will actually effect everyone for generations to come and something needs to be done to show this corporation that there are consequences to your actions. If they don’t assume responsibility then that will certainly set the stage for other people to feel their corporation should get away with these types of crimes. Thanks for making such an interesting post to reply to.
    -Tymandra Amburgy-


  2. When we watched this video I was actually so distraught. I had never even heard of it and that is crazy to me. I think they need to get help for what has happened to them!
    Lauren Reinhard


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