BP and the gulf of Mexico spill

Oil covered duck

In the past week we were discussing the effects of human error on the environment. Back in 2o1o, there was a huge oil spill that caused a lot of problems. The main thing that was affected were the marine life. It was a national disaster that caused big problems for both BP and for the United States. That brings us to 2016. There was another spill in the gulf. It was a damaged pipeline  at a Royal Dutch Shell production field. It was located off the coast of Louisiana and is estimated that 90,000 gallons of oil.  That makes me wonder when is enough enough? After the news of this recent spill, the Obama Administration decided that there will not be any pipelines in the Atlantic Ocean. They create a list of possible places where new oil and or gas leasing is possible for companies, they decided to keep the Gulf on the list for now. I believe they need to make that change immediately. The day that the Shell leak was discovered, a protest over new Gulf oil and gas leases was held at a U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in New Orleans. People have been worried ever since the first disaster. The coastal communities across the gulf witnessed the devastating gamble on their years harvest, All ruined by fossil fuels off shore. They had a first hand experience of the extreme dangers. Personally as a kid in Ohio, when i first heard of the spill i was shocked. Then I was images of the animals effected. I saw ducks and otters turned black from oil on the news, along with sharks and whales whom were overturned, belly up. In other words they were dead. The need for humans to drive is causing more and more problems for the natural world. Personally, i hope we can quickly find an alternative resource to oil so we can cut back on a lot of the worlds current problems.


6 thoughts on “BP and the gulf of Mexico spill

  1. Everyone how drives a car or uses plastic has an equal hand in the environmental devastation caused by the oil industry. Do something real to prevent further catastrophes. Walk when and where you can.



  2. Interesting view on this topic. I agree with you and think that there needs to be alternatives to our need for oil. After watching the video in class on tuesday about the chemical spill that happened in India, we see how even after 20 years disasters like this affect communities in so many ways. I hope in the near future we can find solutions to these problems.

    Kelly Woodward


  3. I agree that there needs to be an alternative for oil. We need to simply use natural resources like solar and wind for everything. We have the potential to do it, but conservatives vote to slow us down and we already take forever to change anything. We need to speed up.

    Jensen Harris


  4. Without the ocean we wouldn’t be able to survive. Oil spills are literally destroying ecosystems within the ocean. No blue, no green! We need to take a lot better care of our planets oceans.

    Victoria Obermeyer


  5. We need change without a doubt but who knows how long it will be till be actually see it. And if we do get it will the damage that has already been done be to horrible to change?
    -claire greve


  6. I was living in Texas when the oil spill happened, I can remember every day there was a days leaking count box on the news. Live video showing real time mass leakage from the rig and nothing was being done. Days turned into weeks, which turned into Months. I have not eaten seafood since that time period. Then about a year after the spill, commercials like the ones in class started randomly popping up, which literally was insulting.

    Thanks for the read.

    – Allison Johnson


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