Can You Really “Buy” Nature?

For as long as green advertising, green-washing, and other methods of environmental marketing have been around, there have been attempts to sell the concept of “nature” as a tangible product. Many tourist attractions around the world become successful simply by offering what the average human cannot obtain these days– a slice of nature. It seems odd to think that many businesses tend to cash in on the prospect of “selling the environment” to its consumers through means of providing certain uncommon experiences to people looking for ways to connect with their environment. All in all, it’s a great tactic that continues to rake in massive revenues every year around the world thanks to societies’ desire to interact with nature. However, it can take some truly philosophical minds to come to a conclusion on whether or not one can actually “buy” nature.

So many people are living in ways that can’t afford to encounter natural environments due to money, time, or means of attaining it, which is when businesses come into play. When referring to the “marketing of nature”, it can be reasonably assumed that this is done primarily through acts of advertising some sort of tourism to a non-human formed environment, exploiting just how deprived humans have become from true environmental interaction. Should humans reserve the right to “sell nature” to others? Should we as people be allowed to regulate how often society interacts with natural environments based on tourism desire or monetary value? These (and many more) are all very plausible questions to consider when thinking about such a strange topic.

One thought on “Can You Really “Buy” Nature?

  1. I wrote about Disneyfication for my blog last week and I think this blog goes hand-in-hand with that. They manipulate their spaces to appear to be nature, when really it is artificial. It seems very deceiving when many environments are being destroyed and being destroyed by Disney itself.

    I think they should turn their attention from trying to create their own outdoor wonderlands to preserving the outdoors we still have left to enjoy!


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