Coca-Cola Nature Commercial

Many companies use the natural world in their advertisements to appeal to people. In class we talked about four different types of ads featuring the environment: nature-as-backdrop, green product attributes, green image, and environmental advocacy. In this Coca-Cola commercial, nature is the backdrop throughout its entirety. Nature-as-backdrop ads probably represent the most widespread depiction of the natural world in advertising because they can really be used by any company, in any ad if they desire.

In this particular Coca-Cola commercial, there is a man sleeping on a picnic blanket, under a tree in what looks like a park. There is a Coca-Cola bottle sitting next to him in the grass, then is starts to show all different kinds of insects starting to carry the bottle off. The insects manage to roll the bottle down to a nearby stream where it then floats along and falls down a small waterfall, and finally comes to a stop. Meanwhile, there are moths disguising themselves as a Coca-Cola bottle for when the man wakes up.  Finally, one of the insects opens the bottle and the Coca-Cola starts flowing out for all the insects to enjoy. This gives the viewer an idea that Coca-Cola is part of nature and that it is even good for nature. If the insects want to drink the beverage then surely it’s not that bad for you or the environment.

However, we know that Coca-Cola is not naturally in the slightest. It’s a very acidic drink, and people often compare acid rain to Coca-Cola so we know it wouldn’t be good for the environment if we just started to pour it in the grass and in streams all the time. It also takes a lot of energy and some harmful chemicals to make the product and manufacture it. Many companies used nature-as-backdrop ads to mask how unnaturally there products actually are. In these ads, they are not trying to sell us something that has a direct connection to the natural world, but the natural world is part of their overall message, playing the role of the backdrop.

Jacob Fischer

One thought on “Coca-Cola Nature Commercial

  1. It seems like companies will do anything to get on the green train. Who can blame them though when green products are seen as a good thing and the green market makes billions. It is sad to see it being abused though.

    Edwin Doll


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