Delhi Chokes

Pollution continues to stir up our skies. After a holiday festival, Delhi has been covered with smog from the emissions of firecrackers and plains on fire. The capital of India is in a state of emergency after the incident and people are being asked to evacuate if possible.

Why is this a problem to begin with? Why can’t we just finally understand that the pollution of the air is a bad thing? If there was a public service announcement and people actually listened, this could have been avoided.

Everyday we see the climate changing. Everyday we see the negative effects that our species has on the planet, but we never seem to learn. If we could dedicate time and energy to create a world that uses natural resources like wind and the sun and stop polluting the air with dumb things like firecrackers, it would help a lot.

The people in Delhi, India are literally choking on the air. There is a lot of toxic chemicals in what they are breathing. The smog is so heavy that it is difficult to drive and I’m sure people are getting sick.

In my opinion, we are going in a specific direction and I think pretty much everyone knows it. Either we move forward or we are going backwards. We have to look at the facts and help each other improve the planet. Let’s use our tax dollars, our volunteer hours, and our motivation to make a change.

In the United States, we spend a lot of tax revenue on stuff that is unnecessary in my opinion. We also give tax breaks to rich people, and that’s not right. If we spent less money on our military (right now we spend more on our military than the next 26 countries combined, 25 of which are our allies) we could fix this problem pretty quickly actually.

I’m also sure that if we stopped giving so many tax breaks to millionaires and places of worship we would have a lot more money to spend on the environment as well. Let’s also not forget that we have to alert everyone to do their part to stop polluting the air with fireworks and fire.

The people in India can’t breathe right now and it’s thanks to our species. Let’s take initiative before our whole planet is forced to hold it’s breath.


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