GREENPEACE Arctic Sunrise

In class we talked about environmental advocacy. One group that embodies environmental advocacy is Greenpeace. While doing research over the summer, I was able to go to Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise Icebreaker and talk to the crew about what they were doing. As an organization they are like many environmental advocacy groups, their overarching objective is to express their ideas on controversial issues of public importance; in this case it is stopping climate change and protecting the natural world. They express this idea by large scale protests, like the one in Portland a few summers ago where protestors stopped a shell ice breaker in a channel with kayakers and repellers blocking the path of this ship. They are also known for going aboard ships and taking them over. Greenpeace tires to spread their ideals with videos, like the one with Ludovico Einaudi, a very famous Italian pianist.

Along with promoting their ideals they also encourage environmental action and advocate a stance on many environmental issues. Most of what the Arctic Sunrise does is watch dog oil and fishing companies to make sure they are within regulation. With the continuing loss of annual sea ice extent, the companies are going further and further north. Not only does continued drilling add to the global climate change it also effects the arctic environment; which is already at threat of slight climate change because the Arctic is such a sensitive environment. Currently, the Arctic Sunrise’s focus is on the fisherman. They continue to move further north, which is legally off limits. There’s also issues with overfishing and bycatches. This is because their main procedure for fishing is bottom trawling. This process destroys the ocean floor and results in a lot of garbage which is just left in the ocean.

-Katie McNulty

2 thoughts on “GREENPEACE Arctic Sunrise

  1. I think it is interesting that Greenpeace is so interested in protesting against oil, but their focus seems to be on the sea. I don’t know if they are or not, but I would think the Dakota Access Pipeline would be something that they would be very involved with. Also, does this organization reach the public? Though the media largely controls what gets published and talked about through what stories are put out there, you would think people would’ve heard more about these efforts. I, for one, did not know anything about the protests you mentioned until now. Also, once Greenpeace realizes that a company is not in regulation, do they have the power or the capability to do something about it, or do they just keep passing it on like telephone until the information gets to the right people?

    Annelise Wilimitis


  2. That is pretty awesome how they would take over ships! they are like climate change awareness pirates! Im glad to hear that there are people who’re willing to risk there lives to stop drilling in the arctic! Hopefully this will stop in the near future so the arctic isn’t destroyed!

    Tom Walters


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