Is it possible to turn back around?

I love the quote “the only green product is the one not produced” I’m not sure who said this or where it’s from but it really stuck with me.

We’ve got to a point in human history where our path has been forked and if a careful decision is not taken then the next 100 years could consist of extreme struggles and drastic events with the possibility of extinction for thousands of species including ourselves. The sad thing is that a careless decision has already been made and it’s pushing us along a path towards self-destruction. This makes it much harder to correct our already established ways especially for people who allow ignorance and arrogance to cloud their judgment, but thankfully the process of reversing our direction is quite simple. All we have to do is stop, turn around, and start walking back to pick another path. I say this with a bit of humor but metaphorically speaking it really is that simple.

Going back to my wanderlust of a quote I mentioned in the beginning, Americans on average consume at a rate far greater than that of any other countries to the extent that we would need four and a half planets if everyone else were to consume at our countries rate. With this fact simple solutions emerge, which most can assume and are easier said then done, but this is truly where we have to look past learned behaviors that thrive on materialistic gratification and start consuming less, because if we don’t then consequences will occur that are beyond what our brains can even imagine.

To help this necessity of a change/transition something that can be done to help us “turn around” is to put limits on what corporations can produce and/or putting restrictions on what materials are allowed in their products. This will help one: reduce destruction of our planet from over produced natural resources like mining coal, plastics, etc. and two: It’ll force Americans and other better-off countries to consume less and hopefully give more awareness to the issue.

When writing these blogs I feel like there’s always a depressing tone to them but at the same time I feel obligated to write like so and on these topics because it connects with what we talk about in class but also because there’s so many problems in today world its incredibly ridiculous that we don’t do anything to try and fix them or even implement the solutions we have come up with! It’s frustrating when you’ve experienced something beyond yourself because you know there’s more to life than just bickering about self-created problems that don’t even need to exist. It’s like trying to explain technology and things like twitter or snapchat to your grandma/grandpa there’s some things they just don’t understand because they lack the experience of growing up with technology like you did.

– Jaiden Deal

One thought on “Is it possible to turn back around?

  1. I love that quote and it is so true! “Green products” is such an oxymoron. When we watched that video about the life of a product, I was dumbfounded by how much we make, use for a short period of time, then throw away. My mom recently asked me for my Christmas list and after watching that, I don’t know what to say! I don’t want to fuel consumerism anymore than it has already been fueled.

    I also agree that we need to do something about these environmental problems, since we having been fortunate enough to be educated on the topics. I recently changed my major to Environmental Studies because I feel like I need to have a bigger part in environmental issues than just individual acts.

    – Chelsea Walters


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