One Small Idea of Green Advertising



A company in California invented a coffee cup that is not only biodegradable, but even has seeds in its walls so that it can be planted and grown. The company is called, “Reduce. Reuse. Grow”. The cups are being used in a Kickstarter campaign and will have seeds in the walls of the cups at select locations. The participating stores encourage people to plant the cups themselves or return them to be planted by the company.

Alex Henige, the inventor shares his idea about his reason behind the cups.

We have such a diverse ecosystem here that we have the ability to test over 1000 species pretty much all in our backyard with some of the world’s leading soil scientist and eco gurus,” Alex Henige explained to Bored Panda. “This is where we will work out all the details and be able to then start testing other regions to make the process run smoother

He then talks about the temperature of the cups will not effect the seeds because they are not located in the same place, just in another layer of the cup. 1 cup of coffee will group at least 1 tree, which will extract 1 ton of C02 over a 40-year span.

This article was written over a year ago, and millions have viewed the video of the inventor. Since this product they have made more biodegradable products. The overall idea was to reduce the waste by an average consumer a day. Hengie, explains the problem and people are willing to pay the extra money to buy a reusable mug for coffee. This product was made by a 23 year old who has seen the damage from not only the convenience of a K Cup, but the long term effects from them.

This is just something so small that has seen the eyes of so many in California and two other states, but can make such an impact on the regular coffee shops today.


The link I have provided is Alex Henige’s story, you just have to scroll down on the main page to get to it.

4 thoughts on “One Small Idea of Green Advertising

  1. This is a really cool idea! everyone drinks coffee so why not try to make more sustainable coffee mugs. Im drinking coffee right now actually! The seeds in the cup are also a really cool idea. Hopefully the type of seeds change from region to region to prevent spread of invasive species. But otherwise it is a really cool idea and would like to see more ideas like this!

    Tom walters


  2. I also really like this idea. I think to try to help salvage our environment we need to start having ideas like this. Really unique topic.
    Lauren Reinhard


  3. Great idea for an everyday consumer. The impact that could have over a long period of time would be huge! not to mention if the business kicks off it will create jobs for the economy. I have heard of urns that turn dead people into trees but coffee could change the entire game of coffee drinking and tree growing!

    Chandler Braxton


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