Refugees, Drought, and DAPL Put Aside for Presidential Elections


One of the biggest hot topics of the day is obviously the Presidential Election.  With it being so present in our minds (and maybe fears), it is easy to get caught up in the nonsense media about it.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that this media is overshadowing the other current disasters happening all over the world.  Though some of the issues are brought up in the debates (the Syrian refugees for example) the background issues and war are not the topic, it is whether or not we should accept immigrants into the country.  It is not talked about that 1.5 million Syrian farmers are being displaced because of drought and water shortage and are forced to flee because they cannot sustain themselves (Wendle).  Instead we are talking about how ridiculous the candidate’s debate tactics are.

It is true that there is not always accurate information about other stories from around the world.  This could be because of government restrictions or biased stories, but what about issues happening in our own country?  The Dakota Access Pipeline is not being talked about as much as it should.  Like we talked about in class, this pipeline was rerouted to not go through a 90% white populated town of Bismarck, but instead goes through sacred ground on a reservation.  How can we condone this kind of behavior or ignoring the pleas and protests of the Native Americans?  We were once the immigrants coming in and now we won’t let other immigrants come in, and we don’t value the rallying against the pipeline.

These two instances of issues that are being largely ignored just show how strongly the media follow the topics that will sell.  The more controversy, the better.  People are strongly triggered by the comments Trump says about women or immigration, and those are the stories that are told between classmates and between people at work.  Topics like that are repeated.  Topics that are less “interesting” or are more depressing aren’t going to be talked about as much.  After a while, talking about the stories about disasters can tend to get “old”.  The public is guilty of wanting the information that is more focused on celebrities and election mumbo jumbo, and while their wants are being attended to there are so many things that are forgotten about.  Hardly anyone knows about the China’s drought and expanding issue of deserts and resettlement (Wong), no one is keeping up on how Haiti is doing after the hurricane, and we still don’t have a solution for the lead tainted water in Michigan.  The ongoing scientific stories get boring or keep changing and that doesn’t make for good news.  Why do you think the only pictures or things that people remember from the Syrian crisis is of a child with a shocked face sitting waiting for medical care?

Annelise Wilimitis (Blog 7)


2 thoughts on “Refugees, Drought, and DAPL Put Aside for Presidential Elections

  1. Your blog is written beautifully, and so honest. I agree with you. People are forgetting about what is happening with current disasters all over the world. The links you provided were very helpful and full of information, good read!!


  2. Couldn’t agree with you more on these type of questions and I find myself asking the same ones. Id say the root cause of why most of these questions go ignored and unanswered is much more convoluted and devious than we can even imagine, but taking little steps will slowly start to see a cultural change that looks more into science and that feels more empathetic to problems all around the world and actually works to help the greater good of humanity. For now the average citizen of any better-off country is too consumed in their own mind and in their technology that they don’t even have time to care about any of these issues, its very sad that we’ve gotten to a place and time like so but it is what it is and now we need to take action to fix it.

    Jaiden Deal


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