Self Indulgent

By: Allison Johnson

Through out our class we have discussed different modes of advertising, information sharing and environmental impacts. One sector I continually think back to is that of agriculture, eating habits and the effects they truly have on our world. It is hard to not be drawn in by enticing advertisements that feature not only mouth watering late night indulgences, but also and always beautiful people. It’s a little oxymoronic to think that a beautiful, tan, thin woman gorging on a fistful off beef, but it does.

2561DCF200000578-2942151-image-a-22_1423190319173.jpgSeriously. If this advertisement  isn’t overly sexually charge then I don’t know where the line ends. Not only are advertisements like this promoting false expectations about the health risks that are associated with eating fast food, but they like earlier mentioned advertisements in the prescription drug sector, expose children to highly sexualized commercials on a daily basis. A writer for the Chicago Tribune wrote, “The sexualization of fast food takes us down the same path of cigarette advertising” (Neil). Not only is fast food negative for the individual, it also supports an industry the has crippling effects on the environment. An article in the Time about the  global meat production’s impact on the environment, summarizes three global studies and concludes that, “that while meat production will need to change in the future, so will meat consumption” (Walsh). It’s hard to see the great divide between the scientific community and the mass media that continuously promotes what is truly not in the consumers best interest. It always raises the question I have about the instant gratification I get when diving mouth first into a fast food bag, at what price does indulgence come?

Image: Accessed 8 Nov. 2016.


Neil, Dan. “Sexualization of Fast Food on the Rise”. Chicago Tribune, Accessed 8 Nov. 2016.

Walsh, Bryan. “The Triple Whopper Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production”. Time, Accessed 8 Nov. 2016.

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